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NicePlayer Is An Android Music Player With An Awesome Card-Based UI

There are countless music players available for Android both on Google Play and other app sources, though what most of them have in common is a ridiculously huge number of screens or tabs for artists, albums, playlists, all songs, playback view, equalizer, settings and what not, which makes the experience of making a playlist and adding more songs to it (or removing some) during playback quite cumbersome. This has been such a major turn-off for me personally that I rarely listen to music on my phone. NicePlayer‘s developer apparently seemed to be just as annoyed with this, so he developed the player with one primary thing on mind: making navigation super-easy, and what better way to do that than letting you access all your music from one screen, and putting both the player itself and the playlist on another? These two are the only screens you’ll need to be switching between when using this music player, thanks to its killer card-based UI. That said, the player still offers the features you’ll expect from a full-featured music player. Let’s take a detailed look at it after the jump.

All your music is shown in a vertical list organized by artists, and tapping any artist’s card expands it, showing all the albums by that artist in a horizontally scrollable list. Tapping any album here doesn’t open it up on a new screen; instead, the card further expands and the album’s songs that you have are shown in a vertical list at the bottom of the same card. From here you can tap the play button to start playing that song, or the button with the plus sign on it to add it to your playlist, which you can access by pressing the button on the top-right.

NicePlayer for Android 1 NicePlayer for Android 2

As you can see above, the playlist view contains the album art display as well as the media playback controls. From here, you can remove songs from the list individually by swiping horizontally, pin them to avoid accidental removal, or delete the entire playlist using the trash can button in the top bar. If you want to browse for music directly from your sdcard based on folders, just swipe inward from the left edge or press the button on the top-left to bring up the navigation drawer, and switch to the Local Storage view.

NicePlayer for Android 5 NicePlayer for Android 6

You can then simply browse to any folder on your phone’s storage and add the media files it contains to the playlist or start playing them using the provided buttons for each folder’s card. From the navigation drawer, you can also download missing album art, and get a few hints about the app’s usage.

Head over to the app’s settings using the icon on the top-right in playlist view, and you’ll be able to curate smart playlists based on ratings or randomly. Apart from that, you can also set a timer for playback, and access the player’s full graphic equalizer that comes complete with several presets already configured for popular genres such as rock, pop, dance, classical, jazz, hip hop and many more,

NicePlayer for Android 3 NicePlayer for Android 4

The player also features an ID3 tag editor that you can access by long-pressing on any song’s album art. To sum it up, NicePlayer is an Android music player done just right, with an interface that is extremely easy to navigate, and all the right features accessible from all the right places. The app is currently in beta and may have some quirks that have yet to be sorted out, but it works fine enough. You can grab it for free from the link provided below.

Install NicePlayer from Play Store

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