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noozy: Zune Style Android Media Player With Podcast & Sound Processors

Elegant and power-packed Android music players are plentiful in the Google Play Store, and quite a few of them try to replicate the looks and functionality of Microsoft’s Zune player, such as the previously-reviewed InstaMusic and Fede’s Music Player. The latest to join the club of Metro-style Android music players is noozy – a sleek freemium that not just possesses powerful audio playback capabilities (courtesy of enhanced sound technology imported from the Noozxoide Laboratories), but also supports playing videos. In addition, the app lets users subscribe to, stream & download podcasts, listen to live audio broadcasts from noozy.live & last.fm services, and keep a close tab on the world’s leading tracks, artists & albums. noozy also happens to be a great online music discovery tool that suggests tracks based on whatever you’re currently listening to. Users can get listen to samples of recommended tracks, browse complete albums of suggested artists, and purchase their favorite albums from various global music stores. Die-hard music lovers can also keep an eye on their favorite artists’ biographies, top tracks, album reviews & playlists, and get recommendations for similar artists. We’re not done with the app’s features yet; continue reading past the break to find out what else noozy has on offer.

noozy-Android-Home noozy-Android-Library

The app can be set to operate in full-screen mode, and its UI is capable of pulling album art and artist images from over the internet to enliven your media library with background images relevant to the currently played tracks. As with any Zune-style media player, noozy supports easy navigation to content of choice through various color-coded Jump Tiles and alphabetical browsing. Users have control over selection of the main theme color, default home screen view (media library or music player interface), lock screen controls, headset playback control, downloading podcasts over Wi-Fi only, the 5-band graphic equalizer settings, and all the various advanced audio processor that noozy supports. Moreover, the app supports automatic detection of audio jack plugging in/out, and controls playback accordingly.

noozy-Android-Videos noozy-Android-Jump-Tiles noozy-Android-Radio

The app’s home screen is designed to provide you easy access to your local music tracks & videos, featured & subscribed podcasts (with option to search for required ones), live online radio streams from a variety of sources and services, and up-to-date musical charts, complete with the option to browse the top & most loved artists/tracks, check artist biographies & their best-sellers, read album reviews, listen to audio samples of select albums, and most importantly, place purchase orders for content that attracts you the most. 7digital, iTunes and Amazon are just a few of the online music stores supported by noozy.

noozy-Android-Podcasts noozy-Android-Player

The app’s video player is rather simply designed and supports playing almost all common video formats. The audio library, on the other hand, lets you use sideways swiping to browse tracks by artists, albums, songs, genres and playlists (option to create new playlists, play recent tracks and/or favorite songs). Let’s now quickly take a look at the player interface of noozy; we find all the basic media playback controls here, with additional options to browse tracks by folders or artist, and toggle the 5-band equalizer. Tapping the artist name allows you to browse their local as well as online albums & songs, read detailed artist biography, and look across the web for similar albums/artists.

noozy-Android-EQ noozy-Android-Widget

We’re still not done with noozy; the app’s various widgets are worth taking a look as well. First, there’s a dedicated notification panel widget that keeps you apprised of, and control, the currently played track. Then, there are a couple of different-sized homescreen widgets – some with minimal remote playback controls, while others sporting typical compact media player looks. Although a bit choppy at times, the app’s lock screen widget lets you take control of media playback without even unlocking the screen.

noozy-Android-Reviews noozy-Android-last.fm noozy-Android-Songs

Please be informed that, as of this writing, noozy is not tablet-optimized. Also, various supported online services, such as noozy.live & Similar Networks are accessible for free only for 90 days.

noozy-Android-Settings1 noozy-Android-Settings2

To cut it short, if you’re looking for an option-rich Zune-like music player for your Android that also supports online radio stations, podcasts, ultra-effective audio enhancement features, video playing capabilities and handy suggestions, you better put your money on noozy.

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  1. i am melting when listening ENYA albums with just setting Noozxoide LogicSurround ES and Noozxoide Psychoacoustic II processors… Sony MDR-NC13 Headphone.

  2. If your phone sound chip is highend DAC, noozy is up to 6 channels of EQ. I’d love the EQ won’t overloaded or causes distortion or something. I found out, when you leveling up the left 1st channel of the EQ, the rest of the channels are automatic leveling down to avoid overloaded, I guess…

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