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NOTEify Take Notes During Phone Calls & Manage Contacts

Talking on the smartphone is something we take for granted these days. And while it’s no longer unusual to be seen taking a phone call, what’s rather useful about a smartphone is the things you can do while you’re in the middle of a call. NOTEify (or Noteify for that matter) is a small Android application that can help you jot down notes when you’re in acall. It pops up as a floating window carrying a built in text editor where you can freely add things you may want to remember about a particular contact, or even if you need to casually note down something quickly without jumping to Evernote.

The interface of Noteify looks pretty simple. When installed and activated, it can sync your contacts and automatically displays a small pop up box that houses your contacts number, email, photo, name and other details when a call arrives. The UI comprises two small tabs (Contact Details and Contact Note), minimize and close buttons, and a move icon to reposition Noteify.

Notes can be either pre-typed or jotted down on the fly during the phone call. The lattar helps you note down things quickly and easily, without interrupting the phone call itself. The built in text editor offers options to specify font and background color, copy to clipboard, share, and save etc.

Noteify_1 Noteify_2

In addition to the features mentioned above, Noteify also has the contact’s details from your phone book, so you can edit or access that information later on. The integrated address book lets you access contacts details anytime you want, even adding new notes in case there has been change. Your contact’s photo is also displayed along with other pertaining details adding a small but nice touch to the overall design.

Noteify_Main Noteify_Contact

Besides syncing your existing contacts list and letting you edit details about them, using Noteify you can also add new people to your contacts list if you wish. It lets you enter a phone number, email, name, photo as well as other details that you want to display. Likewise, you can create new contact groups and set the appearance of address book to grid or list view .

The Settings screen of the application carries options for toggling Noteify On or Off, to toggle showing main contact after call, auto save notes, grid view, switch to dark theme et al.

Noteify_Contact Edit Noteify_Sidebar Noteify_Settings

In a nutshell, a brilliant little application that’s highly customizable and enables you to quickly save notes while making phone calls.

Install Noteify from Play Store

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