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Notepad Is An All-In-One Note-Taking Android App With Dropbox Sync

If you’re a student who has to regularly attend lectures, a professional with frequent meetings, or just someone who needs to jot down ideas as they come to your mind, you’d already know the importance of a notepad, be it physical or digital. Smartphones and tablets are fast replacing physical notebooks, offering us countless options for all our note-taking needs. Like other mobile platforms, Google Play Store also has a multitude of note taking apps, including some very popular ones like Evernote and SimpleNote, along with a few you may have never heard of. If you’re looking for a full-featured app in this genre, try Notepad by Colibri. It is fairly powerful at what it does and in addition, comes packaged with many other options that aren’t found in simple (or even some advanced) note-taking tools. Details after the jump.

Using this app, you can easily create and organize text notes and shopping lists and in addition to those, scribble graphic notes or snap photos for picture notes, and even record store audio and video notes. The app also lets you sync all your stuff to Dropbox so you may access everything across multiple devices and platforms, or merely keep an online backup if that’s what you need. Within a note, you can specify its title and write down whatever you want in the main text body.The home screen is fairly simple to navigate, and you can hit a miniscule arrow at the bottom to bring up the item selection menu.

Notepad Main Notes

There’s a lot to explore in this app, and each feature it carries is quite powerful. For instance, the paint tool is quite handy to quickly draw something and have it instantly available at a later time. Similarly, you can crop pictures for your photo notes and add text annotations to them. The buy list option is useful enough to jot down your grocery list with complete details about an item’s price and quantity. Creating audio and video notes is also as fast and simple as creating text ones.

Buy List Paint Photo Editor

Notepad also lets you secure your notes with a password, and add reminders to them in order to be notified about something at a later time, such as buying groceries or picking your mum from the airport. To do that, simply long-press on the required note at the home screen, and choose your desired action from the context menu that pops up.


Swiping left on the home screen allows you filter your items according to their category. Moreover, any notes that you delete go to the Trash section, from where you can restore them later if required. As stated earlier, you are also able to sync everything to your personal Dropbox account. To do that, you you must first enable this option from the Settings screen, which also provides additional configuration parameters such as when to run auto backup, change reminder settings, export all your notes to a zip file, and import previously exported notes.

Menu Settings

Overall, Notepad is an extremely feature-laden note-taking tool for Android. It’s available for free at Google Play.

Install Notepad from Play Store

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