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Notific Is Where Material Design Meets Lockscreen Notifications On Android [Paid]

Android L’s lockscreen notifications are something a lot of Android users are looking forward to. It’s not a unique concept and those that wanted notifications on their lockscreen before Android L  probably went with an app that did the trick for them. But since it’s an entirely different experience when a feature is added by the OS itself, Android L’s lockscreen notifications have considerable anticipation behind them. Notific is an Android app worth $0.99 in the Google Play Store that mimics Android L’s lockscreen notifications exceptionally well. Besides an excellent Material design UI, the app comes with a do not disturb mode and the ability to black/white list apps.

Once installed, the app will open the navigation drawer by default. Go to the Dashboard and enable the required permissions. Unless these permissions are enabled, the app will not be able to send you notifications. To blacklist apps, go to the Blacklist tab from the navigation drawer and select which apps you don’t want to receive notifications from.

Notific nav drawer Notific

Next, go to the app’s settings where you can customize the theme of the notifications, enable a do not disturb mode, and more. The settings are divided into three types; notification, sensor, and theme.

Under Notification Settings, you can enable low priority notifications which are disabled by default. This will allow Google Now to send you weather alerts etc. Similar low priority apps will also be allowed to send you alerts. You can view expanded notifications which come with action buttons, and select when the alert should pop up based on the state of the screen. The do not disturb mode, dubbed Night mode can be managed here as well.

Notific settings Notific notification settings

The sensor settings tell the app when it should wake the device based on feedback from the proximity sensor. You can set it so that  Notific wakes your device each time you pick it up. It can recognize if the device is in your pocket, or placed on a table. You can also set it so that the alerts are locked to a portrait oriented screen.

Under Theme settings, you can choose between two layouts; the NotifyMe legacy layout presents all notifications in a consolidated popup. The popup has a dedicated tab for each notification. The Android Wear layout lets you swipe through multiple popups, one each for a notification. You can manage the brightness of the wallpaper, hide the status and navigation bar, and blur the background when viewing a notification.

Notific sensor settings Notific lockscreen

The notification itself is quite functional; you can swipe it to open the app directly (Just like in iOS), you can see which app sent you the notification, and you can dismiss it. Both execution and functionality are excellent and the app is worth the price you pay for it.

Download Notific From The Google Play Store

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