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Numix Is A Material Design Calculator With Advanced Trig Functions [Android]

Material design apps are cropping up more and more frequently now. Developers are not only taking well to the new design but since its announcement, they’ve been hard at developing useful apps while conforming to it. Numix is the next Android app to jump cut to Material design. It’s a calculator, nothing more – nothing less. Besides the standard mathematical functions, the app supports trigonometric functions as well as conversion of numbers to decimal, binary, or hexadecimal number systems. The free version of the app will let you perform any and all supported calculations while the pro version features customization options in the form of themes, and allows you to recall previous calculations.

By default, the app shows the Basic panel which has a number pad and buttons for basic mathematical functions. Tap the more button below the history and settings button and you can switch the trigonometric function i.e. the Advanced panel. To convert numbers between different number systems, you will first have to input the number from the basic panel and then switch to the Hex panel where you can select which system to convert it to.

Numix advanced panel Numix trig


The app’s settings allow you to disable any one of the panels you want and also gives you a look at what pro features you’re missing out on. The pro version generates graphs, supports matrices, and themes. For settings you can mange on the current version, there is the choice of which panel it defaults to when you are finished with a calculation, and the ability to group digits so that a long number is easier to read.

Numix settings Numix settings2


Apart from converting a number to a different number system, you can also multiply, add, subtract, and divide them. Just go to the Hex panel and select which of the supported number systems you want to perform calculations in and return to the Basic panel. The app is intelligent in that if you select the Binary number system, all number keys other than the 1 and 0 are disabled.

No complaints with the app though I think the Hex Panel and the Advanced panel might have been designed better. At presents, if you switch to it, you lose the number pad which isn’t something that should happen if you’re using a calculator app. If I were to compare it to the other Material design apps we’ve reviewed this week, I’d say they missed a nice floating button that would have given them an opportunity to bring up and dismiss other panels. The developers do say that the design isn’t all Material owing to limitations.

Install Numix From The Google Play Store

Install Numix  Pro From The Google Play Store

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