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Octo – Auto Settings Creates Location Based Sound Profiles [Android]

Do you ever forget to turn the ringer down on your phone when you arrive at work or forget to turn it up when you leave? Octo – Auto Settings is a very smart Android app that lets you create location based profiles for sound settings on your Android device. The app is free and will let you set any level for the device’s ringer mode (silent, ring, or vibrate), the ringer volume, the in-call volume, media volume, and notification alert volume. It also supports other actions that you can add to a profile such as WiFi and Bluetooth settings, display settings, and SMS settings but each one requires a $0.99 purchase to unlock it.


You can create unlimited profiles with Octo. To select a location, navigate to it in the map on the main screen and tap and hold to add a location marker. The marker appears with a radius around it, use the slider to either shrink or grow the radius. The radius marks the activation area for the profile. Enter a name for the profile.

location profile

Once you’ve added the profile, add actions to it by tapping the plus button. Four tabs worth of settings will open but only the sound settings are available for free. All others require an in-app purchase. You can tap each tab and view what actions can be added under each one before you decide to make a purchase. Under the sound settings, select which ones you want to define for a profile. For example; select Ringer Mode and then choose one of the three modes. Tap set, and then Ok to enable the profile.

action settings action settings

Octo will run as a service in the background and will constantly check where you are. When it detects you’ve entered the radius around a particular location it will enable the profile settings you’ve saved for it, overriding all other settings. The app does what it promises but it leaves a lot left wanting for. For example, an easier way to view all profiles that you’ve added is badly needed. At present, if you want to edit a profile, you have to return to the map and tap the location marker for that particular profile to open and edit it. It also lacks an off switch that you can use to enable or disable the app. Since it constantly tracks your location it hogs the memory considerably, the off switch would be useful. Right now you have to force stop the app. Lastly, there is the very confusing History tab which lets you add time and date based profiles and assign actions to them. They are super easy to edit but you cannot assign them to a location. After going through the in-app tutorial three times, I’m still confused about that second tab. The app is very new so plenty of room for improvement and maybe a little clarification.

Download Octo Auto Settings from Google Play Store

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