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Official Android App For Managing Amazon Cloud Drive Photos Now Available

If you feel that your Android device has room for the companion app of yet another cloud storage service, and your memory can slot an additional login ID, a pretty-looking app is up for grabs. Just released to the Google Play Store by Amazon, Cloud Drive Photos is a dedicated photo backup solution and gallery for images on your Android device’s local storage, as well as those stored on Amazon’s very own Cloud Drive. Signing up with the service earns you a maximum of 5GB free cloud storage. The mobile app then lets you view your local and online photos in beautiful layouts. Using the app, you can also save online images directly to your device, upload Gallery photos to the cloud itself, and share them with friends. Users interested in getting their hands on additional space can avail a $10 per year 20GB storage package.

Amazon-Cloud-Drive-Photos-Android-Home Amazon-Cloud-Drive-Photos-Android-Login

The app’s main UI is quite simple in design, and all you get is a couple of tabs at the top to switch between your Cloud and Device photos. The app’s native local image gallery is readily available for use, whereas in order to explore your cloud photos, you are required to log in to the app using an Amazon Cloud Drive ID. Unfortunately, at present, you can’t sign up for a new Amazon Cloud Drive Photos account from within the app.

Amazon-Cloud-Drive-Photos-Android-Grid Amazon-Cloud-Drive-Photos-Android-Photo

However, once logged in, you’re ready to use the app to its full potential by downloading & uploading photos, and immersing yourself in a eye-soothing photo viewing experience. Amazon Cloud Drive Photos displays your photo albums and the contained images in a grid that looks even better in landscape mode, where each image is displayed on the grid in accordance with its dimensions.


Tapping an image displays it in full screen, whereas long-pressing reveals an action menu. For cloud photos, you get the option to download the file to your device or share it with your mates. Options available for local photos, on the other hand, includes uploading them to the cloud or deleting them from your device altogether.


As much as the app impresses with its simplicity and neat UI, it can be beefed up with several handy options, such as instant/automatic upload, slideshow mode, video support, home screen widget, PIN protection, batch-selection and basic file editing/management options etc.

Amazon Cloud Drive Photos requires Android 2.3.3 (Gingerbread) or higher to run, and can be downloaded for free from the Play Store.

Download Amazon Cloud Drive Photos

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