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Official Android App Of Social Q&A Service Quora Lands On Play Store

It was in September last year when the official iOS app of the popular question and answer based social network, Quora, was released in the iTunes App Store, while Android users had to wait in anticipation. However, the wait is over now, as the official Android app of Quora has finally been released in the Google Play Store with more or less the same set of features as its iOS counterpart’s. Moreover, it happens to be one of the most ideal illustrations of an app being designed in compliance with the latest Android GUI guidelines; it presents you with the conventional Holo-theme elements, such as tabbed navigation, Android 4.0+ style menus, toolbars & dropdown, and atop all that, brings you your personalized world of Quora in a visually attractive style. As with the iOS variant, the app supports plenty of handy tools, including customizable push notifications for user-selected events on the network, location-based content filtering, option to follow topics, people & questions of choice, instant & easy content sharing with your online buddies, extended browsing of trending topics, universal in-app & system-wide content searching, enhanced profile management, and an unending stream of thought-provoking questions & helpful answers flowing in from worldwide users, supplemented with a plethora of customary social networking tools that we shall discuss in detail past the break.

A couple of features that give the Android equivalent of Quora edge over its iOS counterpart comprise voice-enabled search, Quora integration with Android’s native phone search feature, and last but not the least, a tidy little homescreen widget to check the top answers on Quora at a glance.


First things first, and you must be logged in to the app with your Quora, Facebook or Twitter account to jump on to the Quora bandwagon. First time users can sign up for a new account for free right from within the app. Past that, you’re ready to indulge in the question answering session with the entire world. At your disposal are a few nifty socializing tools that allow you to follow a topic, user or item of interest, add details to an already posted question, check the number of answers & views for a particular question, request a professional/expert to answer your questions, promote answers to select number of people, up/down vote a question/answer, explore detailed user profiles, browse relevant questions, and needless to say, post your own questions & answers (supplemented with images and content of interest).


Perhaps the wonderful blend of the app’s search and question posting feature is something that I personally love about Quora; you hit the omnipresent search bar, and start typing in a question. If your search terms find an exact match (confirmed via real-time search suggestions), you’re taken to the question’s screen, whereas if the question is rather new, the app lets you post it to the Quora network, supplemented with a custom category and anonymous identity (optional). In terms of notifications, the app lets you toggle push notifications for user follows, added answers, answer upvotes & comments, inbox messages, and/or upon being asked a question. From the location perspective, you have the option to let Quora learn about your current location via other apps, use wireless networks to determine your location, and/or allow it to record/update your location via GPS.


Such intuitive and user-friendly is the overall layout of the app that, despite not having used the Quora service prior to this review, I felt totally at home navigating to, and using, various segments of its Android variant.

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