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Official Android App Of Social Voice Messaging Service Hallo Released

Social photo and video-sharing networks are gradually increasing in number, whereas services based on the concept of sharing voice messages are few and far between. If you want to share your sentiments with your loved one, with a group of close friends, or with the entire world, then you must consider taking Hallo out for a spin. Hallo is a cross-platform social voice-messaging mobile app available to Android and iOS users. While the iOS variant of Hallo has been around for quite some time, the Android version has just been rolled out into the Google Play Store. Hallo connects you to worldwide users, so you can share your own voice recordings (of up to 30 seconds long) with others over the internet (Wi-Fi/3G).

The app supports sharing audio recordings with just a specific contact, a group of friends, or publicly, and boasts several customary socializing tools that you can use to search across the network for other app users, follow the preferred ones, like and share their audio posts, and reply to their post via your own voice messages. In short, Hallo is all about socializing with the world by sharing and exploring plenty of short voice messages.


In order to join the Hallo network, you must log in to the app using your Facebook or Twitter account. More than any other aspect, it’s the app’s neatly-designed UI that makes the whole experiencing of exploring, listening to, and sharing all the audio content immensely simple. The Home tab on the app’s main interface lists your recent audio conversations with your friends.


The contacts tab lets you easily manage your phone book, Hallo contacts, as well as groups. To create a new group, all you need to do is specify a custom title and start filling it up with required contacts from your phone book by simply tapping the name of each contact.

The world tab on the app’s main interface is composed of three sub-tabs. feed is from where you can keep an eye on the unified activity of your Hallo contacts and people whom you’re following on the network. The popular tab helps you listen to the trending voice messages on Hallo, whereas the explore tab lets you find new friends, follow them, and check their posts on the network.


The Profile tab on the app’s main screen keeps a detailed log of your own Hallo activities, and displays a statistical analysis of your audio posts, number of likes, people that you’re following, as well as your own followers.


As mentioned earlier, with Hallo, you can reply to a certain post via audio message only. Want to share your own (new) voice message? Hit the say hallo button in the top-right side, and select whether you want to create a personal message, a group message or a public message. Record your voice message by speaking in to your device’s mic. The maximum allotted length of a single audio message cannot exceed 30 seconds, however, you can also stop recording before that by tapping the on-screen timer. Once the message is recorded, you can add a relevant caption to it, and decide whether you want to share it on Facebook, Twitter or both, along with sharing the message on the Hallo network itself.


From within the app’s main settings screen (Menu > Settings), you can set the default sharing settings for Facebook and Twitter. Moreover, you can manage individual notification preferences for new messages, connection requests, new followers, likes, replies, and mentions (on Twitter) that your posts receive. Another important option on the settings screen is the one that lets you keep the app’s connection settings public or private. If the connection request setting is set as private, anyone trying to send you a personal message via Hallo will have to provide your email ID or phone number.

Like the iOS variant, the official Android app of Hallo is also available for free.

Download Hallo for Android

Download Hallo for iPhone, iPad & iPod touch


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