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Official Android App Of Topic-Based News Provider Ology Released

If you’re unsure of where to get your hourly dose of the latest news content from, try Ology – a topic-oriented online news provider that presents its neatly-curated content under several, most sought-after topics, including TV, sports, music, film, politics, fashion, humor, technology, celebrities and plenty more. The service released its official iOS client in the App Store a while ago, whereas an Android variant has just recently stepped into the Google Play Store. Developed by The Zumobi Network, the official Android client of Ology brings you all the latest news content, as featured on the network, under various aforementioned categories. Sporting an uncluttered interface, Ology presents each news story along with relevant photos and embedded links. In addition, it lets you adjust the font size as per your preferences. While reading a story, you can swipe across the screen to switch between other stories from the selected new category, and share the favorite news bits on Facebook, Twitter or via email directly from the news screen.

Ology-Android-Home Ology-Android-Film

Ology has always been revered for featuring the latest news content from various supported categories, which is exactly what you can expect from the service’s official mobile client, too. The app’s Home screen presents you with a combined feed of the latest trending news stories fetched from various categories. All aforementioned news categories/topics are presented on a horizontally scrollable slider at the top of the app’s main interface.

Ology-Android-Music Ology-Android-Geeks

By scrolling the categories towards the left, you can navigate to the required news category. Under each individual category, you are presented with the most recent relevant news stories via separate headlines. To read a news story in detail, just tap it. Various controls on the news story screen let you switch between the large and small font size, and share the news story across various online services. Taping an embedded link opens it via an external browser of choice.

That’s pretty much about it, as far as the official Ology mobile client is concerned. While the app can be trusted to keep you updated regarding the latest breaking news stories from all the various supported categories, it is currently lacking several feedback and customary socializing tools as supported by the Ology network itself. For instance, as of this writing, the mobile client does not offer content bookmarking, ‘Love’ing, ‘Hate’ing, commenting on, or searching for the required content.

Ology-Android-Humor Ology-Android-Story

All in all, the app can be rated high in terms of aesthetics and a truly intuitive news reader interface. However, a loyal Ology follower will certainly love to see the missing bits being added to the mix, and quite soon, too. Like its iOS counterpart, the official Android client of Ology is also available for free.

Download Ology for Android

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