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Official Android App For Online Password Vault Dashlane Now Available

Dashlane has the distinction of being one of the most widely used and trusted cross-platform online password vaults for Windows, Mac, Android and iOS-powered devices. Once installed on your computer, the app has the capacity to fetch login information from your various web browsers, store them all under one roof using a fool-proof AES-256 bit encryption, and keep all the accounts in sync with your other (computer and mobile) devices, allowing you to auto-fill online forms and switch between multiple accounts without going through the tedious chores of hectic signups. While our detailed review of the official Windows and Mac variant of Dashlane should be enough to list out the desktop app’s salient offerings, we’ll keep our focus intact on the recently-released Android variant that aims to help you with carrying your personal security vault with you on-the-go. A feature-packed iOS variant of Dashlane has been around in the iTunes App Store for quite some time now, and going by the comprehensiveness of that particular app, the Android equivalent happens to be a far cry. Why? We shall explore past the break.

Instead of shedding negative thoughts over the features lacking in the Android app (which, mind you, is just a debut release), let’s first look at the goodies included within the iOS counterpart. First, the iOS app comes with a native web browser that supports automatic form filling and logging in to required services without prompting users to key in a single entry. Obviously, the browser fetches all the login information from Dashlane’s very own password vault, which ultimately saves you a lot of time and hassle.

Then, the iOS version also supports generating strong passwords for new accounts, which are then automatically stored under your Dashlane account. Also, there are several other subtle features that the iOS app supports, but are yet not available in the Android client. While there is no denying that the unavailability of all said features makes the Android variant somewhat limited in its essence, there are plenty of positives to take into consideration, which we shall now look at in detail.


Please be informed that the mobile app of Dashlane is meant to work in conjunction with its desktop client. Therefore, for the mobile app to work effectively, you must have the Dashlane app installed, up and running on your computer. On this note, it must be mentioned that Dashlane is available for free across all supported platforms. The mobile app allows only logging in to the Dashlane service. In order to sign up for a new account, you’ll have to resort to the desktop variant of the service.


Once you’ve logged in with your Dashlane credentials, the app prompts you to feed in the correct authentication code received via email. Next, you’re required to set your preferred unlock mode (PIN or master password), and you’re good to go. The screen that follows displays all the personal data that you’ve stored on Dashlane via the desktop app. This includes your contact info, personal IDs and all the various internet accounts that you’ve associated with Dashlane.


Although you may not be able to add any new accounts via the app, it does let you modify the existing ones, and sync them with the Dashlane service. For instance, you may alter your personal identity info, company details, contact numbers, SSN or any required online account. In addition, the app lets you copy your login ID and password, show password, or navigate to the webpage of selected online service with a tap.

Again, with the lack of some of the core features, the official Dashlane Android app seems yet another run-of-the-mill mobile password manager, but once the missing bits are included within the package, things will surely take a turn for good.

Download Dashlane For Android

Download Dashlane For iOS

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