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Official MEGA App For Android Now Available In The Play Store

MEGA – the rebranded file sharing service by the infamous Kim Dotcom that gives you 50GB of storage space for your files – now has a smartphone app for Android. Strictly speaking, it isn’t entirely new; MEGA has actually acquired an existing app and modified it to match its web interface. While it’s no match for the file manager offered by MEGA’s web interface, it can do just about everything that can be done from the web interface. You can view a complete list of files you’ve uploaded to your account, select and download any of them, upload files from your device, and organize them into folders. The app has a search feature and files can be downloaded directly from a link as well. The app can also automatically back up photos from your device’s camera to your MEGA account. With the 50GB of space you get, this beats backing them up to Dropbox or Google Drive.

Sign in to the app with your MEGA account and wait for it to fetch a list of files you’ve uploaded. The files themselves aren’t automatically downloaded to your device, so the list will load fairly quickly depending on how many files you’ve uploaded. From left to right, the buttons at the bottom allow you to upload a file, update files list, create a new folder, download a file from a link, and visit your profile.

mega login mega files list

When uploading files, the app asks what type of file you’re uploading. You can choose a file from your camera roll, or from your SD card. Upload progress cannot be monitored; however, an upload can be canceled by tapping its entry in the notification shade.

mega upload mega cancel upload

To set up camera sync, open the app menu and select the ‘Camera Sync’ option. Select which folder your photos should be saved to, whether the photos should sync on any connection or on Wi-Fi only, and at any time or only when your device is charging.

mega camera sync camera sync

You can select any file from your file list and download it. In addition, you can also delete, rename, and get the link to a file. The link button lets you download files directly from a MEGA link that you might have received over email or IM.

mega select file mega download from link

Adding folders is easy and you can add them within other folders. To upload a file to a specific folder, make sure you’re in that folder first before uploading it.Lastly, you can view usage stats for your MEGA account upgrade your storage by visiting the Account tab.

mega new folder mega account

Although the app has been acquired rather than built from scratch, it seems to work and function as if it were developed by MEGA itself. The interface is all familiar, and we can look forward to an improvement to the file manager as well.

Install MEGA from Play Store

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  1. Yeah… no… I’m sorry, but these services which limit bandwidth unless one pays are not the proper model. Plus, we all know what happened with Kim Dotcom’s last system which also assured us of ultimate privacy, and that our files would be safe. But authorities (for which Kim Dotcom clearly has no respect) disabused both him and us of such silliness.

    Stick with the big-name services which may offer us less storage, but also don’t go out of their way to flaunt the law, and so, then, make themselves targets for authorities. In the end, it is we whose data gets caught in the crossfire who lose. I mean, after all, just look: Kim Dotcom’s doing fine; none the worse for wear from his last debacle…

    …yet his users’ data is gone, forever.

    There’s a reason this article’s first sentence called him infamous. Don’t trust him.

    Gregg L. DesElms
    Napa, California USA
    gregg at greggdeselms dot com

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