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Official Microsoft My Xbox LIVE Android App Hits Google Play Store

The folks over at Redmond have been showing lots of love for Android lately. Just weeks after releasing the innovative Android task automation tool, on{X}, the tech giant, Microsoft, has brought the official My Xbox LIVE client to the Google Play Store. The app lets you access your Xbox LIVE account, edit your avatar and indulge with your XBL mates via messaging right from your Android device. In addition, you may remotely track your achievements, check your LIVE game history, sneak peek into Xbox-related news, check Spotlight feeds and request your friends to reserve a spot for you in your favorite game. The app has a Metro UI, as should be expected, and is quite smooth despite sporting rich graphics.


iOS users were introduced to My Xbox LIVE mobile client in December last year with more or less the same set of features as offered by the recently released Android client. However, future updates of the iOS variant saw a major feature being added to the mix, allowing users to remotely control their Xbox console activities. Unfortunately, said feature is not currently available to Android users. Other than that, it’s a pretty impressive debut. Besides, the missing bits should be heading our way in future updates.


Needless to say, you must log in to the app using your Windows Live account to get connected to the Xbox LIVE world. Past the login phase, you’re welcomed by Spotlight video feeds. Swipe towards the left and you have your Avatar welcoming you to the XBL world on your mobile device. Using the tiles in the left, you can view your friends, check your messages or take a look at your Xbox Beacons. The buttons at the bottom let you edit your XBL profile and stylize your avatar with props and other ornaments.

Swipe further left and you’ll have your XBL games listed along with their respective progress levels. Tapping a tile lets you check the underlying achievements in detail. While the app worked like a charm on Galaxy Nexus, going by its inability to work on our Android tablet, we can’t vouch for it to be working on too many other large screen devices.

Like its iOS variant, My Xbox LIVE for Android is available for free. The app requires Android v2.2 or higher to run.

Download My Xbox LIVE for Android

Download My Xbox LIVE for iPhone, iPad & iPod touch

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  1. The app says my Motorola Xoom wifi is compatible but not capable after I installed it (I suppose I am stuck with just using my iPod Touch – why is it so capable?)?

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