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Official Simplenote Client Finally Arrives On Android

Considering the popularity and strong user base of Simplenote – a no frills note taking service that was acquired in January by WordPress owner Automattic – it sounds surprising that there wasn’t an official Android app for it, well – until now! Today marks the launch of Simplenote at Google Play Store, and like its iOS and other supported versions, the app is completely free and embraces the same minimalism it’s well-regarded for. For those unfamiliar with the service, Simplenote allows you to take plain text notes and keep them all synced via the cloud. That means you can jot down something on your iPhone and have it accessible on your Android or Kindle device near-instantly. The biggest difference between Simplenote and services like Evernote is that the latter supports capturing rich, multimedia information, making it clunky, while Simplenote remains super-fast by supporting only plain text notes. We’ve covered many third-party clients for the service in the past such as Flick Note and Tomboy , but the official Android app looks much, much better and works great at what it does. Lets take a closer look.

Many note taking apps we encounter these days, or even those that have been around for a while, require users to sign up for the service. That’s not the case with Simplenote, as you can get started with it right away. Though needless to say, you will be required to sign in with your Simplenote account in order to synchronize and edit your notes across other platforms. When launched, Simplenote presents a barebones home screen that allows you to sign in to your account, or sign up if you don’t already have one. The app’s UI comprises of a notes list, along with search and add note buttons at the top.

Simplenote Simplenote Main

Speaking of notes, you can jot down almost anything that’s plain text – no fancy photos or video attachments here that could slow things down. You can also assign tags to your notes to keep them well-organized and easily accessible. That said, notes can also be pinned at the top of the notes list by tapping the minuscule radio button. Furthermore, the app enables you to share notes via other installed apps such as Facebook, Gmail, Twitter etc.

Simplenote_New Simplenote_Pin

Tapping ‘All Notes’ in the upper-left corner of home screen brings up the sidebar, which lets you filter notes via tags, as well as navigate to deleted notes. Tags can also be customized as well as deleted from the menu. The Settings screen of Simplenote is not overloaded with configuration options, and only allows you to toggle Condensed note (which basically disables note excerpts on home screen), as well as choose the sort order for the notes list, and sign out of your account.

Tags Settings Sidebar

The Simplenote team also cites that they are planning to launch a Mac app soon, in addition to revamping the existing iOS app in preparation for the upcoming iOS 7.

Install Simplenote from Play Store

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