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Official Ticketmaster Android App Released In Google Play Store

Ticketmaster is a well-known online ticket booking and distribution service that helps users find places of entertainment from their selected regions and lets them instantly book tickets to their favorite events with utmost ease. The service released its official iOS client in the App Store a few months back, whereas the Android variant has just arrived in the Google Play Store. Just like the web service itself, the official mobile client of Ticketmaster is also packed with plenty of user-friendly features, budget-friendly booking deals and timely event alerts. If you think that the mobile app is all about letting users search for and book tickets of their favorite events, you’d be underestimating its comprehensiveness big time!


When launched, the app determines your current location and lists all the scheduled events from the nearby venues under the Events tab on its main interface. However, you can switch to another location of interest by just entering the desired area code or city name. Wondering as to what entertainment categories are supported by Ticketmaster? Hit the menu button in the top-left side of the app’s homescreen, and you’ll see for yourself. Ticketmaster lists events from a variety of entertainment-oriented categories, including music, arts & theater, family events, and sports activities etc. Under each said category, there are several subcategories that users can pick from to customize the events list as per their liking.


The app also lets you manually search for events from preferred artists, teams, venues or date, and helps bookmark favorite events on the go. Each listed event can be added to the calendar right from within the app. Moreover, it can also provide you with detailed ticketing information and venue description of a selected event. Contact numbers of most of the supported venues are also provided, alongside their respective location details that include parking info and box office data. If required, you can also get directions to your favorite venues right from within the app.

For each individual venue, the app displays list of all upcoming events, lets you check for ticket availability, find tickets from your preferred seating and pricing category, view seating charts, request for accessibility seating, and most importantly, place booking orders for your favorite events.


The official Ticketmaster mobile app also lets you closely follow your favorite artists. In this regard, it lets you add artists to your favorites list, check artist biographies, view list of their upcoming events, keep a tab on their past events, listen to their live performances from previous events, and watch their music videos.

We’re not done yet – Ticketmaster also keeps you informed of all ongoing sale offers regarding various concerts and events via real-time notifications, and offers last-minute booking offers for your favorite events.


While both the Android as well as the iOS variant of Ticketmaster share almost the same set of features, one aspect that is currently missing from the Android version is that it doesn’t scan your media library at all to find and list events as per your personal artist collections.

Download Ticketmaster for Android

Download Ticketmaster for iPhone, iPad & iPod touch


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