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OK Scan By GO Dev Team Offers Super-Fast QR Scanning With Scan From Image Support

Although Android devices do not have a native QR code reader yet, there’s a huge variety of third-party apps available on Play Store that you can download to easily decipher those black and white square code blocks. For those not familiar with this technology, QR codes have been increasingly becoming a mainstream mode of quickly scanning information embedded in them (such as a link, a discount coupon or even an address) via a smartphone camera. They act as enhanced alternative to standard bar codes you will find on many products. As compared to standard UPC codes, QR codes allow many more characters, textual and binary information to be stored in the code. We’ve covered a variety of QR and barcode scanners in the past here at AddictiveTips, and the latest in this genre for Android comes from none other than the GO Dev team, dubbed OK Scan. The app is very simple and does a great job scanning QR codes.

What makes OK Scan stand out is its lightening fast and very accurate scan speed. And by fast, I mean really fast. During testing, I gave it a shot from varying angles and the response time was always very fast and accurate. Most QR Scanners only let you scan information via the device’s camera, but OK Scanner also allows reading data from an image file. Its interface looks just like any other QR reader you will find on Android.

To Scan a code, all you need is tap its icon and point the camera at the required QR code. It then recognizes the information and instantly presents pertaining results. OK Scan can easily decode text, URL, contact information and image files. It also keeps a log of previously scanned items, so you may access previously decoded QR code information at a later time. The log also shows you the type of information that was scanned.

OK Scan OK Scan

The app lets you turn on the camera flash for more accurate scanning under low light conditions. OK Scan also comes with its own widget for quick access, which you can place on your home screen for either opening the main app or an image file. This feature will save a lot of time if you occasionally have to scan QR codes at different places or for different items.

OK Scan Widget

All in all, it’s a very straightforward QR scanning app designed with simplicity and speed in mind. OK Scan can be grabbed for free via the link provided below.

Install OK Scan from Play Store


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