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Live 140 By OneLouder Apps Is A Social TV Guide For Android & iOS With Live Tweets

Fresh out of the oven, Live 140 by the renowned OneLouder Apps is an ideal platform for all the TV addicts out there who love sharing what they think about their favorite shows. Available for both Android and iOS, Live 140 is a relatively fresh take on the concept of online TV guides that not only brings to you up-to-date info about your favorite shows and sporting events, but also lets you follow and contribute to a live feed of relevant tweets flowing in from all parts of the globe. Anyone who has laid their hands on the company’s recently-released Twitter client, Slices, will instantly identify Live 140 as a carbon copy of the app, both in terms of aesthetics as well as functionality. The difference, however, lies in the fact that Live 140 is dedicated entirely to the top TV shows and all the tweets addressing them. Like Slices, Live 140 sports a well-crafted UI that makes navigating to desired content a breeze. In addition, it is equipped with all the necessary socializing tools to help you with exploring, sharing, searching for, following, retweeting and bookmarking stuff.


Other goodies that Live 140 borrows from Slices include customizable font size, inline image previews, content filtering by hashtags & favorite topics, geo-tagging of posts, support for Instapaper, Pocket & Readability (for offline reading), and integration with Facebook to simultaneously post to both social networks.

When launched for the first time, the app prompts you to log in with your Twitter ID. Past that, you’re presented with a carousel displaying titles of all the featured shows and events. Simply scroll to a show to view a live feed of Tweets related to it. Alongside each show, you can view its hosting channel and airing time.


To indulge in the chitchat yourself, just hit the compose button at the top. Live 140 can also prove to be an ideal platform to follow your favorite artists, check out their biographies, and stay apprised of their latest activities.

All in all, Live 140 is a typical OneLouder Apps’ product that molds the concept of virtual socialization in an altogether different way to offer its users a neat little TV guide supporting live commentary. On the downside, the app lacks personalization– a blemish that is rarely associated with OneLouder Apps. Plus, it currently seems to support US channels and shows only. Lastly, Live 140 is free but ad-supported, and currently, there is no way to get rid of the ads.

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