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Ourcast Combines Weather Info With Crowdsourced Updates On Android

Google Play Store might be brimming with a variety of weather apps for Android, but that doesn’t imply that there is no room for a new entrant to impress with some fresh features. The latest to join the club is Ourcast – a free weather app for iOS and Android that is special in, at least, a couple of ways. Unlike most apps from said genre, Ourcast does not simply present you with the hourly and weekly weather forecasts, weather radars and other unwanted information. Instead, it focuses on keeping things a bit more precise and to-the-point, and hence displays accurate weather information about any location of the world for the next couple of hours in 10-minute splits. This way, you can easily tell whether the ongoing drizzle is soon going to transform into a thunderstorm, or if it’s just a passing shower. Using the app’s interactive map, you can track weather progress in real-time, and keep a close tab on the developing situation. To help you report your region’s current weather situation, it offers you with several weather icons, complete with your activity/mood indicators. That’s not all; there’s an entire Ourcast community in place that you can join to participate in various online activities, and share your weather experiences with others in real-time.


Suppose you’re planning a picnic in the evening with your mates, but those grey clouds hovering in the sky keep you wondering how the weather situation is going to transpire over the next couple of minutes (or even hours). Now, you can either sit and wait in anticipation for the situation to improve, or you may simply fire up Ourcast on your Android device to get the precise information about whether or not its going to rain, when and exactly how much. Then, using the app’s reporting tool, you can help nearby and/or travelling users verify the predicted weather forecast.

Apart from being a mighty useful socializing and weather info crowdsourcing tool, Ourcast serves as an extremely accurate and informative weather app, too. It pulls all the latest weather information from the reliable service of Wunderground.com, and lets you post weather-based status updates anonymously or under your Facebook profile. Using the app, you may point to virtually any location on map for which you wish to get the latest (read: minute-by-minute) weather forecast, complete with current temperature and visual indicators for chance of rain, precipitation levels, as well as the relevant weather icon.


Once the required location is tracked, just hit the Forecast button at the top to list out the aforementioned information. While hovering on map, you can hit the left/right arrow keys to switch to the exact weather view of the past/upcoming 10 minutes. Likewise, you can switch to the list view to sneak peek at all the various locations of the world that are currently receiving rain, snowfall or, at worst, adverse hurricanes. This information is posted by other Ourcast users as status updates, and can be filtered by location in multiple ways.

Ourcast also has a built-in search utility that lets you instantly jump to the weather screen of the required location. You have the option to bookmark your favorite locations, check-in to your current location to share your weather and mood on Facebook/Twitter, or share the detailed weather forecast of any location via Facebook, Twitter or Email.


Already impressed by the awesomeness of Ourcast? The developer vows to make the app even better and informative by injecting several other handy features, including real-time alerts for rain/snowfall and the option to win plenty of perks and rewards by reporting accurate weather conditions on a frequent basis.

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