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Pale Moon For Android Is Firefox On Steroids

Mozilla Firefox is an open-source web browser, which means anyone can take its source code, modify it and create their own custom built. Various projects, maintained by small, or even individual, developers have taken Firefox and released their own variants, either to optimize its performance, or offer additional functionality. Pale Moon is one such highly ambitious project for Windows and Linux that’s known for its fast performance. The browser carries many backend optimizations that make it faster than the stable Firefox build. The XDA-Developers forum member cyansmoker had been busy bringing the Pale Moon browser to Android for the past few months, and he’s now released its first version for anyone to download and use.

Pale Moon is fully open source just like its desktop counterpart. The browser is based on Firefox and offers all its features. Basically focused on speed and efficiency, Pale Mood also looks fairly decent. And to that end, the UI is intuitive and easy to navigate. You can easily bookmark webpages, for instance, launch private tab to prevent saving anything on your device as well as toggle between mobile and desktop versions of websites with a click.

It’s worth mentioning here that Pale Moon has earned a large user base on Windows and Linux platforms. Like the desktop version, the Android variants also supports add-ons from the Mozilla Add-Ons library, enabling you to extend its the functionality from existing tools.

Screenshot_2014-07-25-15-58-45 Screenshot_2014-07-25-15-59-26

What’s missing here is that Pale Moon is far from a complete release. The current build is considered an Alpha version, therefore you may face occasional hiccups in performance as well as glitches and bugs . That said, the application is still at very early stage of development and may not work on every device. It likely depends on CPU architecture, so only certain devices should be able to run it such as those with Cortex-A8, Cortex-A15 and Krait-300 would be fine.

Screenshot_2014-07-25-15-59-37 Screenshot_2014-07-25-15-59-51

Pale Moon is absolutely free to download and use, but it’s not available in Google Play yet. The early builds will remain on MEGA for now (link provided below) from where you can sideload to your device. Nevertheless, why not install it and give it a shot?

Download Pale Moon Browser

via: XDA-Developers


  1. You forgot to review Moonchild’s own build of Pale Moon for Android (which existed before the ‘unofficial’ port by cyansmoker). Many sites that had published articles by the lines of “Pale Moon ported to Android” are biased towards cyansmoker’s version, not Moonchild’s (a public beta one). However, Moonchild is currently concentrating on the desktop version than the mobile one.

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