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Get Paranoid Android’s Pie Controls On Any Froyo Or Later Device

With its innovative features such as per-app DPI settings, different UI modes for all devices, the PIE navigation system and the HALO notification system, Paranoid Android has established itself among the top custom ROMs available for Android devices. Though the ROM itself isn’t available for all devices, and besides, not everyone wants to install a whole ROM to get these features, and that’s why we’ve seen efforts by app developers such as Portal for HALO-style notifications and LMT Launcher for PIE-like controls to bring some of these features to devices running any stock or custom ROM. However, many of these efforts required you to be running a recent version of Android, such as ICS or later. If you are still stuck on Android 2.2 Froyo or Android 2.3 Gingerbread and want PIE-like controls on your device, you’re in luck – Pie Control lets you do exactly that, as long as your device is rooted.

When launched, the app will ask you for root permissions and once you grant those, you’ll be able to start using it right away; simply slide your finger from the right of left edge of the screen, and PIE-like navigation controls will show up. What’s more, not lifting your finger and instead hovering it over any of the three control will replace the other two controls with different ones in order to keep several options quickly accessible to you. The available options include Home, Menu and Back at the base level, Volume Up and Volume Down when Home is selected, Play Store and Search when Menu is selected, and Settings and Power when Back is selected.

Pie Controls for Android 1 Pie Controls for Android 2

The controls can be customized extensively from the app’s settings, allowing you to enable or disable them, select your default launcher for the Home button of the controls, change settings for the left and right edge trigger areas and the Pie menu itself, set the app to stay in memory and avoid getting killed by Android automatically, by adding its persistent notification with a transparent icon, set the controls to vibrate on touch, and even choose the vibration strength. When it comes to the edge trigger areas, you can enable or disable the right and left edge trigger areas, and choose their height, thickness, position, color and transparency. Similarly, you can customize the controls themselves by adding a glow to them, tweaking their inner and outer radius, top menu, submenu and selected menu color, and transparency.

Pie Controls for Android 3 Pie Controls for Android 4 Pie Controls for Android 5

By tweaking these options, you can get the controls to look exactly as you like, as you can see in the two example screenshots below.

Pie Controls for Android 6 Pie Controls for Android 7

Pie Control does a great job of bringing these popular navigation controls to older Android devices. The app is available on Play Store for $1 at the following link.

Install Pie Control from Play Store

[via XDA-Developers]

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