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Pearltrees For Android Offers More Flexible Visual Content Curation Than Its iOS Counterpart

Pearltrees is a fairly popular web service that allows you to organize, discover and collect content. So far, the service has been available as apps for both iPhone and the iPad as well as a fully functional web interface, but had no presence on Google’s smartphone OS. That changes now, as the official Pearltrees app for Android has just made its way to Google Play. The app is quite similar to the iOS one but due to the freedom developers enjoy on the Android platform, it gives you far more flexible sharing options compared to the iOS app. Users can add pearls to their trees from just about any app, which means they are not restricted to using the app’s own browser. The discover feature allows users to find new content that matches their interests to add to their trees.

Launch Pearltrees and sign into your account if you already have one, or sign up for a brand new account using your email, Facebook or Twitter account. You will be able to choose a user name and a profile picture if you’re setting up an account for the first time.

Pearltrees login Pearltrees profile

You start off with no pearls and one pearltree. To add a pearl, tap the ‘Add’ button at the top and select the type of pearl that you want to add. You can create a new pearltree, take a photo, save a pearl from an app, add photos from your gallery, or open and save a website from Pearltrees’s built-in web browser.

Pearltrees home Pearltrees add

Alternatively, you can open websites in Pearltree from other apps on your phone; to do so, open the app and expand the share option for your selected content. You will see that Pearltrees has been added to the options; select it and then choose which pearl you want to add it to. The ‘dropzone’ is the dock you see in Pearltrees. Items dropped to your dropzone can be connected to any tree by dragging and dropping it on to the tree, or to another pearl by dropping it on it.

Pearltrees share pearl Pearltrees share

To discover new content, tap the ‘Discover’ button and from the different pearls, choose the type of content that you’re looking for. As you tap each pearl, new pearls will appear from it, giving you more options for finding content. If you like any of the content, you can add it to your dropzone and later connect it a pearl or add it to a pearltree. To delete an item, tap and hold it until it grows in size slightly and then drop it on to the trash.

Pearltrees discover Pearltrees discover music

If you connect your Facebook and Twitter accounts with Pearltrees, you will be able to share content to them. Exploring a tree is really great; you can pan through the screen to see the different branches. To keep a tree organized, make sure you connect pearls to each other if they are relevant instead of always giving each pearl its own branch, as doing the latter will create a large cluster of items that will be hard to manage.

Install Pearltrees from Play Store

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