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PerApp Lets You Change Android Settings On A Per App Basis

Ever wanted the ability to have different system settings for different apps on your Android phone or tablet? You can do that now, thanks to free app PerApp that lets you specify several key system settings differently for individual apps that will override the default settings that you have set for your device. What makes smartphones great is the ability to configure them according to our needs, and the flexibility offered by Android in this regard makes it the cream of the crop amongst all smartphone platforms. While Android lets you setup your device the way you want, there isn’t any built-in way to configure many of the system settings on a per-app basis. That’s where PerApp comes handy.

PerApp is a free and open source app developed by XDA Senior Member arpruss that aims to bring us the ability to set some really useful system settings on a per-app basis. Currently, these settings include:

  • Screen Orientation State
  • Volume Boost Level
  • Screen Timeout Duration

In addition, if your device is rooted, you also get the ability to set:

  • Minimum CPU speed
  • Maximum CPU speed

While some of these settings can be automatically changed using other apps available the Play Store, some of them are paid or too advanced (like Tasker) while others perform only one of these functions (like Orientation Lock).

Once you launch PerApp, it will load a list of all the apps installed on your device. You can then tap on any app and specify the settings of your choice for it. You can do this for as many apps as you want. once you are satisfied with your chosen settings, just enable the ‘PerApp Active’ check box on top, and it will come into action. While PerApp is enabled, you will see an icon in the notification bar. Tapping on its notification will easily get you back in PerApp to quickly change settings or disable it if you want.

PerApp for Android PerApp for Android MX Player

As you can see in the screenshots above as an example, I have selected MX Player (my favorite video player for Android) to always run in landscape mode with a screen timeout duration of 12 minutes (maximum allowed) and a volume boost level of 15 (maximum allowed). In addition, I have set the CPU frequency to be minimum 1.0 GHz and maximum 1.4 GHz while MX Player is running.

In order to enable or disable the settings that require root privileges, you must go to menu > Settings, from where you can enable or disable all the available settings. You can also choose the notification display to be on always, only when active, or never.

PerApp Settings Android PerApp Settings Notification Android

PerApp isn’t currently available at Google Play store but you can download the APK from the link given below and install it on your device by sideloading it from your SD card. To do that, first copy the APK to your SD card, then enable ‘Unknown Sources’ from Settings > Applications on Android 2.3 or earlier, or Settings > Security on Android 4.0 or later, and then simply using a file manager to tap on the APK file.

PerApp is under active development and you can expect more settings to become available with future versions. To request features or provide feedback, you can join the discussion at the XDA forum thread.

Download PerApp for Android

[via XDA-Developers]

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