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Perfect Tip: Calculate How Much Should You Pay And Tip When Splitting The Bill

Whether you eat out alone or with a group of friends, tipping is common etiquette (provided you get good service of course) and we all know that 20% is the standard rate.  Perfect Tip is a smart and simple little Android app that not only helps you calculate the right amount to tip based on the percentage you should be tipping, (percentage is customizable) but also divides the final amount among the group of diners. It also uses subtle visual cues to let you know if the amount our tipping is fair or if you’re stiffing the serving staff. Ready to eat out?

The app has one screen and is really a one-purpose calculator but a useful one if you often eat out. There are no settings to speak of. When you first launch the app the percentage you should be tipping is already set to 20% and the background is a nice pleasant blue to let you know that if you tip this much, you are not the human version of Scrooge McDuck. Of course, it’s editable. Just tap it and enter any other number although the background color will change to reflect your generosity.

If you’re dining in a group, tap the input field below the tipping percentage and enter the number of people that you are dinning with (include yourself in the final count). Lastly, enter the amount on your bill down to the cent you must pay. The results are displayed below and easy to read. The Tip amount shows the total amount you will be tipping on the total bill. It’s not an individual figure for how much one person is contributing towards the tip. The Each Person Pays, as the name clearly shows, tells you how much each person at the table must chip in to pay for the food and tip.

bad tip perfect tip

I really like the subtle color cues that let you know if you’re tipping well or not. Set that figure to 0% just for fun and enjoy the nice angry red hue it turns. As far as simple and clean apps go, Perfect Tip is a winner. There are no ads and that’s definitely a plus point. What would make it better? Perhaps a few options that adjust the tip percentage for exceptional service or bad service because it’s easier to let the app decide rather than sit and debate with a group of friends how much you should tip the waiter who took the time to point out all the foods you could eat with your gluten allergy.

Install Perfect Tip from the Google Play Store


    • People are getting lazy. It’s not difficult to figure 15% of the tab and split that among the number of people in your head.

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