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Plan Your Vacation With Tripomatic City Guides & Maps For Android

Two things can spoil a perfectly good vacation; the repeated ‘are we there yet?’ question, and not planning the trip properly – the latter much more than the former. Whether they are meant for business or recreation, trips can turn into a nightmare if they aren’t planned right. If planned well enough, you can always get more out of your time, or at the very least, ensure that you aren’t exhausted before you leave, when you arrive at your destination, and when you return home. Tripomatic is a fairly famous service that helps you plan your trips, and it has just released its app for the Android platform. The app lets you plan your own trip from scratch by specifying your destination and picking the date of your departure, or use one of its many templates trips and change them to match your schedule. The app includes multiple destinations, landmarks and tourist points for different countries with details on each location. You can choose how many days you will spend at each location, and use the map to get to an overview of each one.

Sign in to your Tripomatic account or create one from within the app if you’ve never used the service before. Start off by going through the trips already available, or add one of your own. When specifying your destination, start typing the name of a city or country and Tripomatic will load trips for it accordingly. Next, specify your departure date.

Tripomatic  new trip Tripomatic  destination

Tripomatic will load trips for the destination that you’ve selected. These trips will have a predefined length and points of interest already marked. You can customize your trip by increasing the duration, adding more places that you plan on visiting, and removing the suggestions that don’t interest you. For places you’re visiting for the first time, these suggested trips are a good way to get started, providing you with information on all major points of interest there, and giving you a good idea on how much time you’ll need to easily explore them. Though if you would like to plan everything completely by yourself, you can create a completely blank trip and manually add points that you want to visit. The app features a map with places pinpointed on it. Each place has its own profile, complete with pictures and historical reference to what makes it a popular tourist point. A place you select becomes an ‘Activity’, and you can select how many days you will spend on each activity. You can also plan several activities in a single day.

Tripomatic  map  Tripomatic days

Once you’ve planned your activities, tapping a single day on your schedule shows you what you’re supposed to be doing that day. You can click one of the activities on your planner to see how many days you’re spending on it, or add more activities to a single day from the calendar view. In addition to listing the activities you’ve added, Tripomatic also shows you the best places to visit, and you can include them in your trip if you like. Tripomatic tells you how far a stop point is from your current location, but it doesn’t tell you how long it will take to get there via different means of transport.

Tripoma day activitytic Tripomatic  best off

Tripomatic is a good way to keep track of how you’re going to spend your time at a destination, but the scheduler can do with some improvement. At present, you cannot get a comprehensive look at how you’re spending  your vacation time. It is hard to tell if you’re giving a certain activity too much or not enough time, and that’s what limits its usability. Hopefully, the scheduler will improve in future versions. Regardless, the app can serve as a great guide for those visiting an area for the first time without any guide, and not wanting to miss out on any of the important local attractions there.

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