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Post To Multiple Social Media & Blogs Simultaneously With Polarbear

Smartphones have become quite an integral part of our lives. Apart from using them for texting, watching videos, surfing the internet or taking notes, a lot of us use them to incessantly update our social media presence. Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, LinkedIn – these social media giants have dominated our social lives. And if you use all these services for staying in touch with your friends, family and professional contacts, it may seem quite tedious to manage all these accounts from their individual apps or websites. Polarbear is a simple app currently available for BlackBerry 10 & BlackBerry PlayBook – with Android, iOS, Windows and Mac versions in the private beta stage – that allows posting status messages to multiple networks in one go. The app aggregates your social media and blog accounts so you can post status updates to them in one go without requiring to open their dedicated apps or visit their websites. The developers sent us a copy of the Android app, which we’re going to take for a spin after the break.

The landing screen of the app presents you with the Post and Settings sections of Polarbear. Before you start posting, you’d have to setup your accounts first, and you’ll have to head to the Settings screen for that. As of this writing, the app supports posting to Facebook, Tumblr and Blogger. Though a rather interesting bit of the app is its IFTTT (If This Then That) integration that lets you automate your posting on Twitter, LinkedIn, App.net or any other IFTTT-supported service. IFTTT is something like Tasker for the web; like Tasker automatically triggers tasks on your Android device when certain predefined parameters are met, IFTTT triggers them on several popular web services when certain parameters are met on other web services.

Configuring an account is also fairly simple. For instance, if you want to add your Facebook account, select it from the list and then enter your Facebook email in the provided field. If you’re not sure what your Facebook email address, you can tap ‘Get Posting Email’ and follow a few on-screen instructions to grab it. Once done, enter it along with an optional description as demonstrated in the screenshot below, and tap Save.

Polarbear_Settings Setup-social-network-Polarbear

You can add other services as well in a similar fashion. Once done with configuring your accounts, you can start posting your messages, which is also easy as pie. Tap the Post button, enter your message and title, and choose the service(s) that you want to post to. The app lets you mark the required services in one go. Once done with all that, just tap Post to get the job done!

Polarbear-Posting Polarbear-selecting-services

To sum it up, the app makes the task of posting the same message to multiple social networks a breeze. Polarbear’s Android app as well as its iOS, Windows and Mac variants are in private beta, though you can sign up for an invitation to get early access.

Sign Up For Polarbear Private Beta

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