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Protect & Optimize Your Android With Advanced Mobile Care By IObit

IObit – the proud developer of several hugely successful computer protection and performance enhancement tools – has just released its very first Android app in Google Play Store by the name of Advanced Mobile Care. Available for free, this multilingual app is a power-packed suite of some highly sought-after system security and optimization utilities that can help you get the optimal performance out of your Android device, while at the same time ensuring that the device itself is protected from all sorts of malware including viruses, trojans, vulnerable installations, spyware and what not. Basically, Advanced Mobile Care is an attempt to provide Android users with a 1-tap scan-and-repair solution for most of their devices’ problems in as convenient a manner as possible. Besides supporting several conventional tools such as a built-in task & app manager, anti-malware, file locker, battery optimizer, cache cleaner and junk file remover, the app tries to impress even further with its sleek looks and the Game Speeder feature that helps you achieve a lag-free gaming experience on your Android device. There’s a lot more that the app has to offer, so let’s explore all its features together after the break.

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Advanced Mobile Care’s security services can be availed in real-time, as well as upon user’s discretion. Moreover, it can be set to automatically update its security database from IObit’s online servers. The app can save you the hassle of manually quitting your recently used apps through its Auto Kill feature. Using various options at hand, you may opt to force close all low priority apps after every half hour, one hour, four hours, or each time the screen goes to sleep.

Advanced-Mobile-Care-Android-Home Advanced-Mobile-Care-Android-Repair

To perform a thorough system scan on your device, just hit the Scan button at the center of the app’s main UI. Doing so will trigger the malware detector, task killer, cache cleaner and junk file remover tool, each notifying you of the total number of problematic items identified. Once scan is complete, you can view separate result reports generated by the relevant tool, or you may simply opt to perform the repair job by hitting the button at the center of the screen. The app’s 2×2 widget also supports the same scan and repair feature to allow you to perform a 1-tap system cleanup and security straight from your home screen.

Advanced-Mobile-Care-Android-Battery1 Advanced-Mobile-Care-Android-Widget

Hitting the cube button at the bottom reveals the app’s other tools including Game Speeder, Battery Saver, Task Killer, App Manager and Privacy Locker. The App Manager tool can be seen as a handy alternative to the stock Android app drawer that not only lists all your apps, but lets you uninstall and/or move apps to SD card.

Advanced-Mobile-Care-Android-Game1 Advanced-Mobile-Care-Android-Game2

The Game Speeder tool can detect and list all the games installed on your Android device. All you need to do next is launch your favorite game from the list, wait for the app to optimize your device accordingly, and enjoy a smooth gaming experience on your device. Other options available along with this particular feature of the app include manual selection of games from the app drawer, natively launching games from within the app itself, and keeping an eye on the number of time each game has been played.

Advanced-Mobile-Care-Android-Task-Killer Advanced-Mobile-Care-Android-App-Manager

The Battery Saver tool displays a graphical illustration of the current battery status, be it in charging or discharging mode. Moreover, it lets you choose from three different power saving states – Super Power-Saver, Power-Saver & Normal – to help you with preserving the maximum battery as per your requirement. While in charging mode, the app displays current battery level and the estimated time for a full charge via a tidy notification bar icon, as well as through an elegant on-screen animation.

The Task Killer tool lets you select currently running tasks that you wish to kill with a tap. To exclude an app from the Task Killer, just tap its title and select Ignore. Using other options available within the app selection menu, you may directly launch, kill or uninstall the relevant app.

Advanced-Mobile-Care-Android-Locker1 Advanced-Mobile-Care-Android-Locker2

The Privacy Locker feature is designed to protect your favorite photo albums, videos and/or other files from unauthorized access via a secret password. Once this feature is enabled, you may add as many items to the Privacy Locker list as you want, to secure them from prying eyes. There is a separate provision within the feature for all three supported categories and for each category, you have the option to fetch local as well as cloud files.

Advanced-Mobile-Care-Android-Settings1 Advanced-Mobile-Care-Android-Settings2

All in all, Advanced Mobile Care happens to be one of the most comprehensive Android protection and performance boosting tools that we have come across, offering a substantial amount of features that are mostly found in many different apps but almost never found all together in one. For an app that costs nothing yet vows to offer such an enormous level of functionality, one has to say that it deserves a try.

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