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Proximity-Based Group Collaboration App Kibits Released For Android

Kibits is a cross-platform group collaboration and socializing app for Android and iOS-powered devices. The app, having made its mark among iOS users, has just hit the Google Play Store. Using Kibits, users can easily and instantly create private conversation groups (called Kibits), and invite their friends or nearby users with whom they can share text messages, photos, videos, music files, URLs, locations, and notes etc over the internet. Whether it’s about indulging in private file-sharing activities with just your family members, or collaborating with your workforce that is scattered in various parts of the world, Kibits has you covered. There is no restriction on the number of different groups that can be created or joined, and for all the activities going on within each individual group, the app keeps you apprised through real-time notifications.

Conversation sessions within each group are archived, which means that you have complete access to the shared messages and other content all the time. What’s even better is that the app maintains separate log of your conversations and shared files within each individual Kibit, and lets you download, like/dislike, comment on, and re-share all the content.

When launched, the app prompts you to log in with a valid Kibits ID. New users can sign up for a new Kibits account using their Facebook or Email ID.

Kibits-Android-Login Kibits-Android-Home

Once logged in, you’re taken to the app’s main interface that lists your active Kibits (if any). Along with each Kibit (group), you can view the total number of active participants, total number of shared messages and files, and the type of the group (proximity-based or contact-based). To start a new Kibit, hit the relevant tab at the top of the app’s main interface. If you wish to create a proximity-based Kibit, the app lets you specify the exact diameter (in miles) on map from where you wish to include the nearby users.

Kibits-Android-New Kibits-Android-Contacts

Whatever the requirement is, all you need to do is specify a desired name for your Kibit, invite the required participants, and you’re good to go. Once a Kibit is successfully created, you’re taken to the messaging interface that is split into two main tabs. As mentioned earlier, all your conversations and shared items are maintained separately by the app. The Conversation and Gallery tabs on the messaging screen are there to serve exactly said purpose.

Kibits-Android-New-Kibit Kibits-Android-Conversation

The app also lets you invite new participants right from within the messaging interface. By tapping the + button in the top-right side, you can opt to share whatever supported content you want to. A unique aspect about file-sharing via Kibits is that it allows you to pick content that was originally shared in another Kibit, or on another date, and share it with the participants of any other Kibit. Along with shared content, the app lets you add custom caption, and in case of URLs, it also presents you with a native web browser.

Kibits-Android-URL Kibits-Android-Share

It doesn’t just end there; from within a Kibit, you can pick a specific participant that you wish to remove from the group, or want to send a custom reminder to. Each individual Kibit can last for just a specific event, or you may keep participating actively within a group for as long as you like. To quit a group, hit Menu > Leave Kibit.

The possibilities are endless, considering the simple yet extremely handy concept that Kibits follow, and the fact that the app is cross-platform, you can expect most of your mobile device-owning contacts to be already on the network, participating in different activities within various groups.

Download Kibits for Android

Download Kibits for iPhone, iPad & iPod touch

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