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Put Your Body’s Health To Test With Fitness Check-up For Android

Staying in shape has many advantages. If you are trying to lose weight, working on your fitness or simply want to eat better foods in order to stay healthy, your smartphone can be an extremely helpful tool; you only need to have the right app installed on it. Keeping track of the calories you’ve burned, the actual steps you’ve taken, and the number of days in a row you have hit an optimal heart rate can go a long way towards make changing your body image and getting some shining results. But not every body has time to note down such statistical details all the time, so how about giving this task to an Android app? Fitness Check-up is a feature-packed Android app that can help you stay fit by guiding you through exercise routines for 11 different types of health tests including flexibility, balance, body core, strength, capacity for effort, muscle tone, explosiveness, pulse at rest, body max index, body fat index and reaction speed, and analyzing your performance in each.

The app carries an elegant user interface and works really well on all Android versions. It presents everything in an easily understandable way. The landing screen gives you access to all the 11 test types. The free version only gives access to first 6 tests but as you keep working industriously up the ladder, the remaining 5 tests also get unlocked. Upon taking your first test, you’re required to specify brief data about yourself including gender, date of birth, height and weight. When you’re ready, you can start tinkering with the tests it offers.

Fitness Checkup Fitness Checkup-Settings

Fitness Check-up demonstrates different exercises comprising of different levels. All you have to do is follow the instructions or tips, perform the exercise and give your input about how hard you actually tried. For instance, the flexibility test requires you to stretch your body with your face down. After performing this exercise, specify how far did you keep up with stretching. The harder you try, the better score you get. Each test screen houses multiple tabs at the bottom, usually labelled exercise, follow up, test name, analysis and check up.

Fitness Checkup-Flexibility Analysis

The Check up screen presents a visual diagram about your current overall progress in all the tests you have taken. So for instance, if you spend most of your time gaining strength, the diagram indicator will lean towards the Strength parameter. The application can also measure your BMI (body mass index), provided you have specified your correct weight and height.

Checkup Fitness Checkup BMI

Likewise, it can monitor your heart rate via the device’s rear camera. The heart rate monitor requires you to touch and hold your finger against the camera module and let Fitness Check-up do the rest. The app tends to measure heart rate during cardio exercises for the most part, such as running, balancing, jumping etc. Not only does it keeps a record of your data, but you can also share the results with your friends over social media to compete with each other.

Exercise Heart Rate

During testing, we did run into a few issues. First of all, the app crashed twice on a device running Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean. Secondly, the back button simply closes the app instead of taking users back to the previous screen. Other than that, it’s a great app that can help you a lot with tracking and improving your exercise habits.

Download Fitness Checkup for Android

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