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QuickClick: Map Volume Keys To Perform Quick Actions [Android]

Gone are the days when phones were used to just make voice calls. These days, your smartphone might be more powerful than your personal computer, and with the right set of tools, it can be an invaluable asset to your lifestyle. Android is a brilliant operating system when it comes to performing tasks quickly and effectively because the open source OS has been designed to perform all tasks with a few simple screen taps and swipes, but if you still fancy using physical buttons, QuickClick is a free app that can let you cleverly accomplish this. This little piece of software allows you to map your device’s Volume keys for quickly performing frequent actions like launching an app, accessing settings, toggling flash light et al.

At its basic, the application allows you to assign certain commands or applications to the volume rocker keys. But since an Android device only has two volume buttons, QuickClick enables you to set up pre-defined sequences of volume button clicks to assign multiple actions. For instance, a simple volume up plus volume down sequence can be used to access settings, while volume up plus volume up may let you open the calculator app. Since you can create many such sequences, you can use this app to assign and perform multiple actions at the same time.

QuickClick Main QuickClick New

The home screen of QuickClick has a Holo-inspired UI. It displays the list of actions you’ve currently assigned to it, and carries an On / Off toggle at top to activate and deactivate the app. When creating a new action from scratch, the app lets you assign a wide array of commands. Some of them are predefined for you which can be anything from toggling the flashlight to placing a phone call to one of your contacts. But if your desired action isn’t specified in the list, you can use the custom app option which enables you to launch any app from your device.

After selecting an action type, you’re required to set up a sequence of volume clicks either by pressing physical volume keys or on screen buttons. The sequence should be linear though and the app automatically highlights it for you. Once that is done, you can also specify action name, and toggle sound and vibrate, as well as configure several additional settings.

QuickClick Action QuickClick Settings

QuickClick works with the screen on or off, but you can specify when the service should listen for clicks. Further settings include ability to restore volume to default when the action is performed, automatically unlock screen, as well as set interval length between clicks in milliseconds.

QuickClick General Settings 1 QuickClick General Settings 2

All in all, QuickClick is a handy app that definitely makes Android faster and smoother when performing certain actions. You can download it for free from Google Play.

Install QuickClick from Play Store

via: XDA-Developers

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