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Run Terminal Commands With A Single Tap On Android Using QuickTerminal

Being Linux-based, Android comes equipped with the power of Linux utilities under the hood, though that part of the OS is abstracted from the regular users and all Android apps are java-based, running on the Dalvik virtual machine of the OS. That said, rooted users can enjoy the privilege of using their Android device like a Linux machine, complete with the ability to run shell commands via any terminal app or ADB. Though in this era of GUI, not all users are comfortable with the idea of using a terminal. If you belong to that category of users but need to use some terminal command as a part of some guide or hack and don’t want to install a full-blown terminal emulator or ADB for the purpose, you now have an easy solution in QuickTerminal for Android. It lets you enter a command to quickly execute it as a regular user or root (superuser) and in addition, offers some quick pre-made commands, allows you to add your own commands for quickly executing later, and even run commands in batch using shell script files.

Your device will need to be rooted in order to use the tool. Take a look at our Android rooting guide for instructions on how to root your Android phone or tablet.

You can navigate between all of the app’s features from its navigation drawer. To simply execute a command, enter it on the main (Terminal) screen in the sole text field there, choose whether you want to run it as root or regular user, and select whether to view its output or not using the checkboxes, and tap the sole button there that says ‘Run as Su’ or ‘Run as User’, depending on your selection. If you have selected to see the output of the command, it will be shown below the command’s text field.

QuickTerminal for Android - Navigation Drawer QuickTerminal for Android - Terminal

Navigating to the Quick Toggles section, you’ll be presented with preconfigured commands for rebooting your device into bootloader or recovery, wiping dalvik cache, toggling media scan on boot, changing its MAC address, fixing permissions and resetting signal. In case there’s another command that you need to execute often, why not save it in QuickTerminal and execute it whenever you want with a single tap? Just head over to the Quick Command section and tap the + button there to start adding your command.

QuickTerminal for Android - Quick Toggles QuickTerminal for Android - Quick Command

Specify a name for the command, followed by the command itself, and then select its output type from Dialog, Toast or nothing. Tap OK, and the command will be added to the list. You can similarly add as many commands as you want, and execute them with a tap.

Lastly, the My Scripts section lets you quickly run any sets of commands in batch by saving them in shell script files. You’ll find a folder by the name of ‘QuickTerminal’ on your SD card, with another one named ‘MyScripts’ inside it. Simply put your shell script files in that folder in order to make them available in the My Scripts section, and tapping on any of them there will execute that batch of commands.

All the options offered by this app, coupled with its ease and flexibility of use make it an indispensible tool for anyone who wants to quickly run single or batch commands, or execute any of the useful pre-added operations on their devices. The app is available for free but features ads, and you can get rid of those after making a donation.

Install QuickTerminal from Play Store

[via XDA-Developers]

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