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Razer Comms For Android Is A Text & Voice Chat Companion For Gamers

Razer is a well-regarded brand in the world of video gaming accessories. Known for its high-end gaming peripherals targeted at PC and console gamers, the US firm has been in the business for quite some time now, and primarily manufactures keyboards, headphones, game controllers etc. A few days ago, Razer released Razer Comms – Gaming Messenger on Android, which brings its gaming-oriented VoIP service – which was previously only available on Windows – to Google’s mobile platform. The app, which allows users to stay connected to their Razer Comms friends even when they are in the middle of their multiplayer gaming session, is basically an extension to the Windows desktop client, and not just a standalone app. What’s good about it is that instead of having to flipping windows back and forth on your computer, you can simply use the mobile app as an easier solution to communicate with your gaming pals whether you’re playing games or not. Read on for more details.

To get started, you need to have a Razer Comms account and the Windows client installed on your PC, both of which are absolutely free. If you don’t have an account, you can quickly create one from within the Android app. You will also need to verify it via the confirmation email before you can begin using Razer Comms.

Razer Comms_Signin Razer Comms

When it comes to its design, Razer Comms looks very simple, carrying the company’s signature bright green color painted all over its interface but mostly, it’s just dark gray and feels easy on eyes. After signing in, you can do almost anything that the desktop client offers, such as chatting with friends via voice or text messaging, creating and managing your Razer chat groups and channels, adding or inviting friends, and more.

Razer Comms (2) Razer Comms_Create Group

Razer Comms is optimized to look and work equally great on both tablets and smartphones. The company is also touting a ‘Stay in the game’ feature, which automatically forwards your Razer texts and call notifications on the PC to the mobile. You can tweak a few settings too, such as configuring your profile, toggling notifications and pairing the app with your headsets, as well as logging out from your Razer account.

Razer Comms_Settings Razer Comms_Mesage

To sum it up, the Android app is a full-fledged Razer Comms client in the palm of your hand, working as a dedicated mobile instant messaging console for you and your gamer buddies. The app is available on Google Play for free, and works on Android 4.0 or above.

Install Razer Comms from Play Store

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