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realtor.com rentals For Android Helps You Find The Right Home To Rent

Finding a job is hard, but finding a place to live so you can easily commute to work and not be broke as soon as you’ve paid rent is even harder. The classified section in the paper (yes, people do still read newspapers) and online classified ads is how most people search for an apartment or house. To say that the search itself is tedious would be a grossly understated way of describing the process, but there are easier ways to hunt for an affordable place to stay. realtor.com rentals apt & home (yes, that is the name of the app on Play Store) is a free Android app that makes it considerably easy to look for an affordable place to live. It lets you pick the city you’re looking for a place to stay in, and select how many bedrooms & bathrooms you need, and specify what rent you can afford to pay. You can also choose if you need a place to park, if the place is pet friendly etc. Searches can be saved, and where available, you can view pictures of the actual place you will be renting.

Sign up for a free Realtor.com account to start using rentals. The app will ask to access you current location. If you’re looking for a place to stay near your current location, tap the location button at the top-right to pinpoint yourself on the map. If you’re moving to a different city altogether, tap the search button instead.

Realtor log in  Realtor city

Enter the name of the city you’re searching for a place to stay in, in the top bar and then select a rent rage by moving the sliders at both ends. Follow suit to select the number of bedrooms and bathrooms you need. You can search for all types of housings, or for particular accommodation types such as apartments, condos, houses, etc. Since you’re looking to rent a place, you will be bound by certain restrictions i.e. whether or not you can have pets, or a parking space. If all this, along with other things such as the availability of a gym, laundry space etc are important, you can select them from the search filter screen and click the results button when you’re done.

Realtor rent  Realtor filters

The results are overlaid on a map so you can see where they are and judge which place suits you best. You can trace a region out on the map with your finger and focus your results for that place only. Tap the more button and select the four point shape to outline your area of interest.  Tap the photos button at the top to see any and all images that are available for the listings.

Realtor results Rentals for Android Apartment Details

rentals works pretty well and lets you save listings as well as the places that you’ve already considered. The app can be a bit slow to respond at times but for the most part, it should make finding a place to stay easier.

Download realtor.com rentals For Android

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