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Record Screencast On Your Android Phone Without Connecting It To Your PC

We’ve covered a lot of screencast tools for just about every platform there is. When it comes to smartphones, screencasts aren’t easy to record. In  fact, up until Android Lollipop, there were very few options available for recording a screencast that were super easy to set up, free, allowed unlimited recording, and didn’t require a PC or a rooted device to create. If you’re looking for a free tool that can record screencasts, supports input from your device’s mic, and can be used from just your device alone, give One Shot Screen recorder a try. It fits the bill very nicely. The only annoyance is the marqee like watermark that appears on the notification bar.

One Shot only needs to be downloaded from the Google Play store. You don’t need a rooted device however, you must be running Android 5.0 or above. Launch the app and tap the screen icon. True to Material design, a floating record button will appear on your screen and you can use it to start recording. The button, if found annoying, can be removed any time by tapping and holding, and then dragging to the close bar that appears at the top. One Shot’s Notification bar icon lets you start and stop recording, and once you’ve finished creating a screencast, lets you play and share it.

The first thing you should do before you start recording a screencast is head to the Settings tab of the app. Here you can choose to show screen interactions, choose the bit rate for the video, the frame rate, the orientation, resolution, and disable input from the device’s microphone. Tap the screen button at the top right when you’re ready to start recording. Videos are recording in MP4 format.

One Shot settings One Shot_settings

Once you’re done recording, pull down the notification bar and tap Stop on the app’s notification. You can play or share the video from the app’s notification once you’re done. Alternatively, you can open the app and view all videos you’ve recorded in the Videos tab. The app saves these videos to a folder named MakeEZ on your device’s internal storage. You can copy it to your computer via data cable if you like.

One Shot recording One Shot notification

You can make screencasts without worrying about any time-restrictions. The watermark is definitely annoying and there doesn’t seem to be a way to remove it.

Install One Shot Screen recorder From The Google Play Store


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