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ReNotify Adds Notes Or Reminders To The Android Notification Panel

The Google Play Store is filled with all sorts of Android alarm, notification and reminder apps, but if you wish to be reminded of your most important tasks via personalized toast alerts or status bar notifications, you’d be hard-pressed to find solutions that are better or more convenient than previously-reviewed apps, toastr and Notif. While the former displays a user-defined text message via a customizable toast notification each time the device is unlocked, the latter allows you to generate custom status bar notifications. The catch with Notif, however, is that it’s meant to take advantage of Android 4.1 Jelly Bean’s expandable notifications, meaning that a large contingent of Android users out there is still unable to benefit from the app’s features. Envy not, as we have found a handy alternative that is compatible with any device rocking Android 2.2 or higher. ReNotify is a free Android app that allows creating custom status bar notifications, thereby helping you with staying apprised of your most important tasks via notification drawer alerts.

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The app allows creating two different types of status bar notifications: one that can be cleared from the notification drawer using the swipe-to-dismiss gesture, and on-going or fixed notifications, that cannot be dismissed with said gesture. In either case, tapping the message dismisses the notification and hence, removes the entry from the list altogether. Multiple plain text messages can be added to the notification panel at any given instance.

Another neat feature, one that the aforementioned Notif does not support, is the option to create new notes right from within the notification drawer itself. Using said feature, you can instantly create as many notes as you like without having to launch the app. All you need to do in order to activate said option is hit the Toggle add new button at the bottom of the app’s main screen.

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Doing so will result in the addition of a persistent ‘Add new note’ notification panel widget, tapping which lets you compose a fresh note. Just like any other ReNotify note/notification, once you’ve created an entry using the app’s notification panel widget, you can specify its type. In this regard, hitting the Create and close or Create button results in addition of a regular notification while the Create fixed button creates one that cannot be dismissed via the clear all or swipe-to-dismiss gesture.

The app itself supports a couple of themes for its interface (dark and light). If you’re running Ice Cream Sandwich or Jelly Bean on your device, there are a couple of different note icons that you can choose from for your notifications.

In a nutshell, ReNotify is a simple reminders-creating or notification-generating app that goes about its business in a quick and simple manner. If anything, we would love to see the app’s concept expanded further to include support for toast notifications for our custom notes and editing existing notes.

Download ReNotify For Android

Update: ReNotify+, the paid variant of the app, has recently been introduced into the Play Store with several handy features, such as notes editing, notes history and expandable notifications support (for Android 4.1 & above only). The app costs $1.54, and can be downloaded via the Play Store link provided below.

Download ReNotify+ For Android

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