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Robird Is A Balanced, Holo-Themed Twitter Client For Android

Holo themed Twitter clients for Android have been around for some time now. Robird is another such app aspiring to make its mark in that area with the developer giving the app a very minimal and clean look. The simple and clutter-free nature of the app’s design is well complimented by the intuitive and simple interface for navigation and using the various functions it has to offer. While it falls short of extensive customizations and settings that the competition may offer, you have to keep in mind that not all users are comfortable with such fancy settings, and many just want to keep things simple and effective. However, Robird does sport the basic must-have settings any casual twitter user would like to make use of. We take a look at how the app fairs, after the jump.

Robird 5 Robird 4

You can see that the app houses elements that all Twitter users will be familiar with, such as Timeline, Mentions, DMs etc. Hit the menu button and you can access other sections including Drafts, Lists and Settings.

All functions are well laid out in the top and bottom ribbons. You can swipe the screen to the left and right to navigate between the app’s pages, with the ability to refresh content using the pull-to-refresh gesture.

Robird 2 Robird 1

You can choose between a light or dark theme from the settings menu. More options there include the ability to tweak notifications, fonts, location etc. So as you see, there’s a little bit of both worlds, so new users wont feel timid, and the slightly experienced user will have all that’s required, especially with the inclusion of Tweet Marker offering synchronization with other twitter clients.

Robird 001 Robird 3

For an app that just entered the Alpha stage and isn’t even available at the Play Store right now, Robird felt remarkably fluid, and the load & preview times for pictures were pretty quick as well.

Apps like Boid for Twitter showcases a splendid Holo theme as well, along with many customization options and a world of settings. If Robird’s appeal is to be based on the Holo theme alone, I’d say Boid wins hands down, and if it’s customizations we’re talking about, there’s Boid again. However, I feel the basis of Robird’s appeal can be found in its intuitive and to-the-point UI, that just happens to be Holo as well.

The latest version of Robird can be downloaded from the XDA-Developers forum thread linked below at the end.


  • Holo Theme
  • Intuitive UI
  • Integration of Tweet Marker


  • No link shortner
  • No long tweeting support

[via XDA-Developers]

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