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Set Activity Phases For Your Workouts With Runtastic Timer For Android

Timer from Runtastic is yet another brilliant innovation from the famous developer known for releasing the perfect apps for your workout training needs to keep you in shape. With Timer, the developers have taken on a simple concept, and turned it into something innovative for every one. Users are able to set their own activity phases and receive voice alerts for them, all set in a neatly laid out UI – something prominent in all Runtastic apps. So if you know your workout pattern and need no automated training app, or you simply want to track some activity other than a workout, read on after the break to learn what Timer has to offer.

Timer from Runtastic 10 Timer from Runtastic 8

As mentioned earlier, the neatly designed UI will definitely catch your attention, especially the three-toned dial of the timer. All the information regarding your activity phases can be easily viewed on this main page. Assuming that the stock set-up is the routine you follow, simply hit the ‘Start’ button to begin your activity.

The timer takes into account time for preparation and rest as well, and will alert you a few seconds before commencing your workout (core activity) and rest, all while you see the colors on the dial deplete step by step. If you want to turn off the voice alerts once an activity has begun, simply tap the Volume button on the top right corner.

Timer from Runtastic 1 Timer from Runtastic 2

To define your own time for the activity phases, tap the edit button (top-right corner). Here you can now rename the activity, and set the time for each phase according to your preferences by swiping the screen to the left. To adjust the times, simply drag one end of an arch and see the minutes and seconds change accordingly. You can adjust ‘Preparation’, ‘Workout’ and ‘Rest’ times. Similarly, you can also adjust the number of ‘Sets’ and Repetitions (the number of times the activity is to be repeated in each set) in the same way. Once these elements and phases are all set according to your own routine, tap ‘Done’ to save your custom Timer.

The ability to add and save more timers requires an in-app purchase of $1.08. On the bright side, this will allow you to add an unlimited number of timers, which can make this app very useful for those who have their entire day’s schedule planned out.

The flexibility and customization options Timer has to offer, along with its incredibly easy to use interface makes it a must have tool not just for workouts, but for studying, tracking work-related activities, and much more.

The app is available on Play Store for free, and is ad-supported.

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