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S Converter: Convert Units With This Material Design Done Right App [Android]

How many pounds in a kilogram? Back when calculators, and smartphones weren’t so common, the best you could do was learn little tricks that could help you get a near estimate. For example, you can double the value of Kg and then add half more to get a near enough figure of how many pounds are in it. Fortunately, you can now convert units from the Google search results page or, if you’re offline, you can use a conversion app like S Converter. It supports unit conversion for acceleration, currency, area, digital storage, energy, force, fuel consumption, and more. The app works great and if you want another reason to use it over any other run-of-the-mill conversion app then take S Converter’s design into consideration which is all Material.

Launch the app and it defaults to the Acceleration conversion units. Tap the app icon at the top left of the action bar to bring up the navigation drawer and you can switch to a different unit. S Converter converts your input to all units of a certain category instead of just one. For example, Mass is calculated in Ton, Kg, Gram, pound, stone, etc.

S Converter mass S Converter units

If some of the units are useless for you and are only adding to the clutter, you can hide them from the app’s settings. Tap the more button on the action bar to go to settings. Here you can choose between a dark and light theme, disable the swipe to dismiss gesture and disable the calculator among other things. Scroll down and you will see all supported units listed here. Tap the ones you want to hide and the list of units in the navigation drawer will be cleaned up.

S Converter settings S Converter hide units

The calculator can be accessed from the floating button on the app’s home screen. It’s a simple calculator and is like a nice side feature that may or may not be of any use to you. Last but not least, the app lets you add a custom unit. This might be a unit that it doesn’t support or you can literally add the value of a unit you’ve created for yourself. To create a custom unit, tap the more button and select Custom Unit. Fill in the unit’s details and save it. It is automatically grouped with all other units in the selected category and it must be equated with one of the existing units. For example, if I were to add Banana as a unit for area or mass, I would have to enter how many bananas are the equivalent of one gram.

S Converter calculator S Converter custom

The app is material design done right so saying it has a neat clean interface is a bit redundant. It works great and has no ads.

Install S Converter From The Google Play Store

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