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Schedule Text Messages For Any Date And Time On Your Android Phone

Scheduled text messages is a feature that popular mobile platforms seem to ignore year after year. Granted there is no one popular app out there that would convince them that scheduling a text message is a much needed feature and that is probably why no one pays much attention to it. That said, it can be useful and SMStagger is a free material design app for Android phones that does the job beautifully. You can search for and select a recipient from your contacts, select the date and time when a message should be sent, and compose your message in advance. When the message is due, the app will send it.

Install SMStagger and tap the floating button to compose a message. The interface is intuitive; you have your recipient name and you use it to search for a contact. Select a contact and their number is automatically entered in the Phone Number field.

Tap the date field and scroll through the calendar popup to select a date. Tap the time field and select the time from the clock popup.

SMStagger_compose SMStagger_date

Once you’re done, compose your message and save it. The app takes care of the rest. You can edit a message before it is sent. The app lets you view a list of all messages that you’ve sent and that you’ve scheduled and it uses the default messaging app to send the message. The app has no ads and is pretty clean.

Install SMStagger From The Google Play Store


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  2. Scheduling a text message is an integral part of Android. When you compose a message go to options and select ‘schedule’ message. Bingo. This app is redundant

    • No it is not. Google’s own Messenger for texting does not have many features which are present in other messenger apps….sharing location on maps, scheduling messages to name a few.

    • Hangouts, which is fairly cleary Google’s desired Messenger replacement (
      even if they might say otherwise), not only allows to you share
      your location, it even suggests it based on context (or something).
      Dunno about scheduling though.

  3. Don’t install the app. The contact selection process is extremely slow and will crash your app on lollipop.

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