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Screen junkE: Android Lock Screen App With A Built-In News Reader

Looking to bring some much-needed flair and functionality to your Android device’s lockscreen? Try Screen junkE – a multifunctional, slider-based custom Android lockscreen replacement app. Through a well-crafted & sleek UI, Screen junkE keeps you apprised of the total number of notifications for unattended text messages and email, and missed calls. In addition, it lets you directly unlock to your caller, messaging or mailing app right from the lockscreen. For this, all you need to do is move the slider to the icon of any one of the supported categories, and you’re ready to check your missed calls, text messages, and emails. However, the slider constitutes just a small portion of the entire lockscreen. Above the slider, you’re presented with the slideshow of the image thumbnails fetched from some of the latest news feeds of the hour pertaining to various news categories or topics. Tap the thumbnail, and you’re ready to explore the news details, or bookmark it to read it later.


As with so many other custom lockscreen replacement apps that we’ve been reviewing at frequent intervals, the concept of Screen junkE is also quite impressive, as it combines purpose with pleasant aesthetics, to present you with yet another highly useful alternative.

Although we’re unsure of the app’s exact news sources, it supports plenty of news topics about which the latest news stories are displayed on your Android lockscreen. News content is automatically updated after user-defined time intervals. Supported news categories/topics include current affairs, technology, entertainment, sports, lifestyle, fun, business, games and best of the web. While the lockscreen itself displays a maximum of five different news stories from equal number of random topics, you can always head over to the app’s main interface to explore the entire feed of the latest news stories from a topic of choice. Moreover, you can also access your bookmarks right from within the app’s main interface. To refresh the app’s content manually, clear all the bookmarks, or head over to the app’s main settings screen, tap Menu.


From the settings screen, you can specify the app’s content sync settings while roaming, enable live (real-time) notifications for unattended items, define the app’s auto-update interval, select photos from the gallery to show on the lockscreen, and activate the option to share best news stories with your online mates. Each news story is initially presented only as a headline, however, you can tap the Get It button to read the full version, complete with relevant photos and links to other news stories.

The lockscreen interface itself is pretty neatly-designed, although, we feel that the available screen area is a bit underused, as the slider deserved a bit of extra breathing space. Still, you’re going to be impressed with what you get with Screen junkE (if you can digest its rather weird title in the first place). The number/digit present above the icon of each supported notification category represents the total number of unattended notifications under that particular category.

Dragging the slider to a specific category lets you see the name of the contact whose call, text or mail was received last. Dragging the slider all the way till the end unlocks to your homescreen/last opened screen (as normal) whereas stopping the slider on a specific notification category takes you straight to the relevant app.


All in all, Screen junkE is a great concept that can be further bettered with several other goodies, such as enabling/disabling news stories from certain topics, option to add custom RSS feeds, and option to add custom quick access apps (social media et al) on the lockscreen.

Screen junkE is free in the Google Play Store, and requires Android v2.2 or higher to run.

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