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Send Location Triggered Messages To A Contact [Android]

It’s common practice to check in with someone, or to have someone check in with you when they’ve reached home. You might be going home alone, or you might be worried about a friend or family member reaching home safely. In either case, people will send a quick message or make a short phone call to reassure whoever is waiting that they’ve arrived at their destination safely. Buzzer is an Android app that automates that. You can save different locations to it such as work and home, and each time you arrive at the location, a message can be configured to be sent out to one or multiple contacts.

Buzzer requires your phone number to work and will verify it via text message. Once you’ve registered to use the app, go ahead and mark your first location via the built-in map. Tap the floating plus button to create a message to be sent out from the location you just added. Compose a message, and select one or multiple contacts. Tap ‘Set Buzz’ when complete. If you only need to send the alert out once, e.g., when you reach the airport, check the ‘One time only’ box at the bottom.

buzzer-location buzzer-location-message

Once you’ve set the message alert, it will automatically alert your contact, via text message, when you arrive at the location you configured it for. From the app’s settings, you can set a precision perimeter for a location up to 200m, 1km, or 10km from the location. The app also has a power saving mode, for when your battery is low but turning it on will result in location tracking being less accurate.

buzzer-location-precision buzzer-settings

The app has alerts to let you know when it has sent out a message and you can configure these alerts from its Settings. It’s a pretty great app that ensures your loved ones know when you’ve arrived at your destination safely and relieves you of the burden of remembering to send the message.

Install Buzzer From The Google Play Store

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