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MightyText Now Lets You Send & Receive SMS Messages On Your Android Tablet

The “iMessage for Android”, MightyText (formerly Texty), is undoubtedly one of the most downloaded and highly-rated Android apps that allow wireless syncing and sharing of your phone’s SMS messages directly from your desktop browser. A few weeks back, the company launched a private beta of its tablet-optimized app that allowed users to send and receive SMS messages as well as get notifications for incoming & missed calls. The good news is that the private phase of the beta version is over and it is now available for all in the Play Store. The app is available for free, and boasts some neat features such as complete thread-by-thread syncing of your SMS inbox with your tablet, option to send and receive text messages on the tablet, real-time notifications for new SMS/MMS as well as missed & incoming calls, and lots more.


Pairing your smartphone with the tablet for message syncing and sharing works more or less in the same way as you may have already seen with the MightyText web app and/or browser extensions. All you need to pair both your devices together is a single Google account.

Note that for successful pairing, you’ll first need to configure the app on your smartphone, and then on the tablet. Once successfully paired with your phone using the same Google account, the tablet will display your SMS inbox, complete with all the conversations you’ve had with your contacts via text messages, in an email inbox-like two-pane interface that looks refreshingly impressive.


As you can see, the main UI of the app is split into two panes where the left pane lists your messaging contacts while the right pane lists your SMS conversation threads for the selected contact. Using the text field at the bottom, you can compose and send new messages. The bar at the top shows your phone’s current battery status, new SMS button, refresh button and a text overflow button providing you instant access to various options such as refreshing contacts, and accessing the app’s main settings, unlinking the tablet from the account etc.


That’s not all – the tablet variant of MightyText also lets you delete any message or complete conversation thread from your SMS inbox. In addition, it also allows you to make calls via your smartphone using your tablet. Any calls initiated from the tablet app are automatically redirected to the paired smartphone. In case of incoming calls and MMS messages, the app also keeps you informed through real-time status bar notifications.

To turn off the notifications, head over to the app’s settings screen. Just to remind our readers, MightyText requires an active internet connection on both your smartphone and tablet in order to effectively sync content and notifications across both devices.

You can grab the app for your Android smartphone and tablet from the Play Store links provided below.

Download SMS Text Messaging↔PC Texting For Android Smartphones

Download MightyText Tablet App For Android Tablets

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