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ShadowDrive Social Cloud Storage & Sharing Service Comes To Android

Relatively fresh to the scene, ShadowDrive is an attempt to provide mobile, web and desktop users with a true ‘social cloud drive’ service that is not just capable of handling your online data backups, but also lets you share files with utmost ease. ShadowDrive offers each registered user an initial free cloud storage space of 1GB that can be used to store your files, with options to share any of your stored files with anyone using public links, or privately with your specific social media contacts only. Past the break, we’ll be taking a look at ShadowDrive’s Android app that has recently been released in the Play Store with almost all the features that the web app of the service has to offer.

A useful aspect of ShadowDrive is the convenience with which it lets you browse the content shared by your social media contacts. Using a well-crafted and highly secure interface, you can access all the socially shared content from your contacts anytime you want, and share files with others using minimum effort.


As of now, ShadowDrive supports registration and login through a Facebook account only, though Twitter support is expected to be added soon. Once logged in, you’ll see a couple of options on the app’s main screen to manage your personal ShadowDrive files and access the files shared by your Facebook friends via the ShadowDrive app.

Let’s now get to the key features of the app – social cloud drive management and file sharing. Tapping the ‘Manage My Files’ tab takes you to your personal ShadowDrive cloud storage, presenting you with all the folders and files you’ve added to it. Using the tabs at the top, you can create new folders and import files from your device’s SD card to your ShadowDrive storage. Since the app doesn’t currently support a native file browser, you’ll have to rely on a third-party one to import files from your SD card. Otherwise, you’ll be able to access only your media files from the Gallery app.


While there isn’t much that can be done with folders from the app other than accessing their content, you can tap any file to reveal an option-filled menu. For each file, you have the option to save and directly launch it via a compatible app, simply download it to your device, directly share it via public URL, share it socially (on social media), or delete it from the storage.

Should you wish to proceed with the direct sharing feature, you’re provided with the options to password-protect the file, set maximum number of times it can be downloaded, and specify an expiration date for the shared link if you want, thus giving you a lot of control over the security and availability duration of your shared files.


Any file that you ‘Share Socially’ is automatically shared with your Facebook friends, who can access it by navigating to the ‘My Friend’s Shared Files’ section of the app on their end. For each socially shared file, you can also choose to post it on your Facebook Wall. The web app allows you to directly post files on select friends’ accounts as well, but that can’t be done from the Android app for now.

ShadowDrive is currently restricted to be used with Facebook accounts only, but we expect it to add support for other popular social networks to the mix as well. The mobile app can be improved by offering you a way to keep a tab on your ShadowDrive account. As it currently stands, you are presented with a just a barebones browser UI to access and manage various aspects of your accounts.

The company plans to release companion apps for all leading mobile and desktop platforms by October this year. As for now, Android users can download ShadowDrive for free from the Play Store link provided below.

Download ShadowDrive For Android

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