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Sharable Allows Cross-Platform Public & Private File Sharing Over WiFi

When it comes to instant and wireless file sharing across devices, Android users have an extensive pool of tools to choose from. From relatively new data sharing techniques like Wi-Fi Direct and NFC Beam to various file sharing apps and services out there, you have countless means to share files from one device with another. We have already covered numerous tools that allow remote content sharing from desktop to mobile, mobile to mobile and mobile to desktop. However, we were yet to come across a multi-platform tool that allows quick and convenient file sharing among your desktop, iDevices and Android. Say Hello to Sharable – a cross-platform file sharing app for Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS (soon) that not only impresses with its universal sharing capabilities, but also comes as one of the most user-friendly apps belonging to its genre. Sharable can be used to share data with select devices over the same Wi-Fi network or through the Wi-Fi hotspot of another device, meaning you don’t have to face the restrictions of staying at a specific spot in order to transfer content to your recipient’s device.


In terms of functionality, Sharable is quite similar to the recently reviewed Zapya, mainly because of its cross-platform compatibility and ability to share content through user-created Wi-Fi hotspot, but this tool has an added advantage in the form of desktop support. Also, Sharable is unique in a way that it provides you with an additional option of specifying at once all the files and folders that you wish to publicly share with nearby devices. This way, you don’t have to bother with going through the browsing process in order to fetch all the required files one by one. As with most file sharing alternatives, Shareable supports automatic device discovery to list all the devices connected to the same network as yours. Needless to say, this makes selection of recipients ridiculously easy.


When launched for the first time, the app asks you to select a custom name and profile picture for easier recognition by other users on the network. You don’t have to sign up with any services or login with any ID in order to use the app. Furthermore, Shareable doesn’t place any restrictions whatsoever on the type, size and number of files that can be shared simultaneously.


For your sharing tasks, you have the option to directly send data to a select user’s device, or place it in a dedicated My Shareables (public) folder for connected devices to download it whenever required. When you share a file, the recipients are prompted accordingly on their respective devices, and it is only after their approval that the data transfer starts taking place. Each file sharing request initiated on a direct device-to-device basis remains valid for a maximum of five minutes, after which it automatically expires.


Although presently a bit rough around the edges, the app’s UI undoubtedly expedites the entire file sharing mechanism. The interface is pretty much uniform across all supported platforms; the ‘On Network’ tab lets you pick required recipient devices sharing the same Wi-Fi connection; the ‘My Device’ tab lists the My Shareables folder, along with the app’s built-in file browser and a folder depicting your downloaded items, while the ‘View Transfers’ tab, as represented by its title, presents you with an overview of your active, cancelled and completed download tasks.

While the app’s public sharing feature via the My Shareables folder is a useful addition for those looking for unobtrusive data transfers, it can be made a bit more secure through the password protection option to avoid unauthorized user access. Although the app is available across all platforms for free, it currently places some restriction on the bulk sharing feature. However, by paying $1.99 through in-app purchase, you can lift all the restrictions.

Shareable is currently available for Android, Windows and Mac only, whereas the iOS variant is scheduled to be released soon.

Download Shareable For Android

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  1. Not only is the ioS platform now supported (listed on app Store now), the developers have also fixed the battery drain issue. Love the app. The UI is cool and intuitive. Display of images being shared will add to the experience.

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