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Share Local & Cloud Files Privately Using Bistri For Android

Bistri is a relatively fresh private file sharing and video chatting web service that lets users share photos, videos and document files with their friends and family. Besides offering its users with a readily available, secure file sharing platform, Bistri impresses with its support for a large number of sharing media, including Facebook, Jabber, Windows Live, Google, Yahoo!, Dropbox and more. The company has just released a companion app in the Google Play Store that allows Android users to access, view and share their personal Bistri content on the move. The mobile app is laced with quite a few neat features, such as integration with cloud services like Dropbox & SkyDrive, commenting on shared content, complete profile management, instant sharing of local media, a visually attractive timeline of your sharing activities on Bistri, a built-in file explorer, and the best of all, a dedicated gallery with separate filters for images and other shared content. Like the service itself, the mobile app of Bistri is free to use, and what’s even better is that your contacts can view shared content even if they don’t have the app.


You’ll have to log in to the app with your Bistri ID to get started. If you don’t already own an account, you can sign up for one using your Facebook or Email ID.


The home screen displays a timeline of your recent activities, along with various sharing details, such as the respective user and time, as well as the type of content that has been shared. Tapping the icon at the top-right, you can filter content shared with or by a specific user. Tap the share button at the bottom to share content with select contacts. If the intended recipient is not a Bistri user, simply feed in their email ID to share a file with them.


Tap any post on the timeline to share it with other users, and view the comments on it. Hitting the menu button reveals a side pane that lets you Logout, navigate to the Gallery or your Profile. Within the Gallery, you can view thumbnails of all shared items on a grid, along with the total number of recipients.


Being a startup, Bistri is still somewhat incomplete. It seems there are quite a few features that its developers intend to add to the mix, such as sharing video & audio files, support for even more cloud storage services, ability to make video calls with contacts, and lots more.

To wrap it all up, Bistri may not be the most comprehensive file sharing solution that we have come across so far, but if you’re in search of a neatly built instant file sharing app that supports almost every file format, rest assured, Bistri won’t disappoint you.

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