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Share A Screenshot Of Your Android Screen Using Google Now On Tap

Android has long had the ability to take screenshots. The feature was added in Android 4.0 though there were many apps in the Google Play Store that allowed you to do so. Most of the apps required root access so the feature being made part of the OS made things much easier. To take a screenshot on Android, hold down the power and volume down button. If that combination doesn’t work, hold down the power and home button. If you intend to share the screenshot with someone and your device is running Android Marshmallow, you can instead use the new Google Now on Tap feature to share what’s on your screen. Here’s how.

This works on just about any screen you’re on so it’s equally useful for sharing your home screen or an app’s screen. Go to the screen you want to share and hold down the home button. Wait for Google Now to pop up and you will notice there is a share icon at the bottom left. Tap it and a screenshot will be taken of the current screen. A share menu will then pop up listing every single app that you can use to share the screenshot with. Tap your preferred app and you will be switched to it ready to share the screenshot.

google-now-share google-now-share-options

If you don’t see the share icon when you bring up Google Now, it might be because you aren’t running the latest version of Google Apps. This share option didn’t roll out with the very first version of Android 6.0 and was instead part of an update that came out a little later. Check to make sure you’re running v5.7.13 of Google Apps in addition to running Android 6.0+.

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