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Shynk: Remotely Access & Publicly Share Android Files Over The Internet

Android users have plenty of ways to remotely access and manage their mobile data from their desktop browsers. However, when it comes to a reliable, swift and effective solution, hardly a name surpasses AirDroid. While our comprehensive review of this awesome app is enough to give you a glimpse of its various features, it is worth mentioning that the package is currently missing a couple of very important features. AirDroid works over your home network only, and hence, doesn’t let you share your device’s content with others over the internet. Enter Shynk (beta) – a similar looking app that fills the void quite adequately. Designed to work over the internet (Wi-Fi, EDGE or 3G), Shynk not only lets you remotely access your Android content from your desktop browser, but also enables you to share desired content with others via public URLs. So, whether you wish to access some important documents from your dad’s mobile back in Berlin, or wish to share images of last night’s party with buddies without going through the hassles of emailing or file uploading, Shynk is at your service. Guess what? It even has the capacity to fetch files from your Android’s root directories as well.

Shynk-Android-App1 Shynk-Android-App2

All it takes to establish a connection between your Android device and your web browser is a Shynk account that can be created for free from the the Shynk website. Once logged in to the app, you just need to hit the solitary toggle to pair both devices together. Using the Settings screen (Menu > Settings), you can set the app to automatically pair with the browser at device reboot, and/or view the Shynk icon in the notification area. Oddly enough, Shynk requires your device’s screen to be awake in order to allow the browser to access content from root directories. Other than that, you don’t even need to have your device nearby in order to remotely pull the required data. Just connect and forget!


Let’s now divert out attention to the web interface of Shynk, which is very much reminiscent of AirDroid’s. It’s simple, free of any extensive configurations and lets you access mobile content only after the login process has been completed. Past the login phase, you are greeted with various directories on your Android. These include the shortcut to the generic SD card contents or data specifically residing in Camera, Instagram, Root or Downloads folder. Navigate to the file of choice, click it and shift your focus towards the right pane that houses some vital options.


By default, each file’s accessibility setting is set to private; however, tapping the Anyone with the link button generates a dedicated URL for the file that you may share with others. Using other options available within this pane, you can download the file to your computer or view it within the browser (valid for images only). While the entire Android directory structure is accessible only for as long as the connection remains active, the public URL can be accessed for an unspecified duration, even after disconnection of the browser from the device. Shynk was successfully tested by us on various browsers, including Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer 9.


Although not as feature rich as AirDroid or other available counterparts, Shynk certainly looks quite impressive with its remote file sharing and over-the-internet device access support. All aforementioned features come for free, whereas there is a Pro version of Shynk in the pipelines as well, which will be bringing several additional features to the table, such as option to share images without the annoying watermark effect, facility to share complete folders (instead of just one file at a time), extensive AirDroid-like remote content management, ability to remotely access the device’s camera (with the option to grab screenshots), remote device tracking and wiping etc.

Download Shynk for Android

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  1. False! Yes you can share your folders – with AirDroid – over WAN!
    Once your phone’s connected with your PC I can share my phone’s folder by giving you my ip address followed by the needed port used by AirDroid!
    What you actually mean is that AirDroid CAN’T work WITHOUT being connected to a Internet connected PC(which acts as a server!) whereas your mentioned application CAN work without it since “Shynk” give you access through THEIR CLOUD server!
    The advantage of AirDroid is that it has higher privacy than using a third party server: a cloud server!

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