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Sidebar Launcher Adds A Slide-Out Multitasking Panel To Android

For a long time, it was a challenge to find decent apps for Android, but as Google continued to refine its open source mobile operating system, we’ve seen a steady flow of high quality apps landing on Google Play. Back in September 2013, I covered Root Uninstaller’s Sidebar Plus, which provides swift access to settings like Wi-Fi, GPS, Bluetooth, app shortcuts and other important Android features from multiple customizable sidebars. Sidebar Launcher, developed by the same folks who brought us Boat Browser for Android, is another sidebar app aimed to enhance your multitasking experience. The app is well optimized for both smartphones and tablets, offers tons of customization and looks really nice. Read on for more details.

Sidebar Launcher offers a quicker way to access different Android features and launch your favorite apps. It’s quite user-friendly and doesn’t seem to slow down older devices. You can launch it from anywhere by swiping in from the left edge of the screen. When opened, it presents you with several elements to add, including a time and date widget, quick settings like Wi-Fi and GPS, favorite apps, and other common settings. Each widget is called a ‘Card’, and you can add, remove and edit these on the fly.

Sidebar Launcher_How to Sidebar Launcher

The settings available in some cards only work on a rooted device, such as menu and back buttons on the Functions card, but most options work just fine without root access.

To the bottom of Sidebar Launcher, you will find four additional buttons that let you access settings, purchase additional content and install featured Android apps.

The button at the bottom-left lets you add and edit cards, or reposition them via a small overlaid handle. Sidebar lets you add a multitude of cards to its interface for quick access to apps, recent messages, your call log, recent apps, power toggles etc., some of which are free while others have to be purchased.

Sidebar Launcher_Edit Tap Sidebar Launcher_Edit Sidebar Launcher_Edit Existing

You can also configure the position and size of Sidebar Launcher itself. This can be done from the Settings screen, from where you may also enable or disable ‘Auto Launch’ (to start the app’s background service upon boot), or disable it altogether.

Sidebar Launcher_Add New Card Sidebar Launcher_Area Sidebar Launcher_Settings

Sidebar Launcher also has a Pro version (available as an in-app upgrade), which removes in-app ads and offers additional cards.

Install Sidebar Launcher from Play Store

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