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HelloFax Releases HelloSign Android App For On The Go Digital Document Signing

If you often find yourself in the need to sign important documents on the go and have them delivered to the recipient without wasting much time, there are popular online fax services that will help you do that. However, with the advent of increasingly powerful smartphones, lesser people carry a netbook or a laptop when on the move, which is why Hellofax – the popular online fax service – is available on both web and mobile platforms. The company has just released HelloSign for Android devices – earlier made available for iOS and the web – to help users add digital signatures and a few more elements to any existing document on the go. Better yet, it lets you scan documents from your phone and sign them! We take a closer look at the app after the jump.

Hello Sign 01 Hello Sign 14 Hello Sign 04

Adding the signature and other elements is quite easy, courtesy of the app’s extremely user friendly UI. The four elements – Signature, Text, Check Mar and Current Date – are neatly laid out in a black ribbon at the bottom.

Hello Sign 17 Hello Sign 05

To add a signature, hit the signature button and tap the place in the document where you want to insert it. It was no easy task to create the signature with a finger and it took a lot of tries to get it right. Using a stylus should prove to be much more convenient.

The app does not register a single taps either, so if you have leading dots in your signature like I do, you’re most likely looking for an alternative right now. Further more, there is no function to actually save a default signature that you can insert instantly whenever required. These things are indeed troubling and need to be set right if Hellofax want their app to be able to compete with other similar apps out there.

Hello Sign 07 Hello Sign 09 Hello Sign 11

All elements added to a document are movable and re-sizable so that you can adjust them relative to the documents layout. Once done, hit the done button in the top-right corner, which will directly import the document to your email app so you can send it straight away. Whether you choose to email or not right there, you can save a copy of the edited document or re-edit.

Being an app that was ‘just’ released, maybe there’s a chance the developers will be addressing these issues and pushing out an update soon, especially with the likes of DocuSign Ink on the Play Store. For now, the app can fulfill your casual needs, but I wouldn’t trust anything serious with this app, for now at least.


  • Direct import of edited documents to Email app
  • Well laid out controls and user friendly UI
  • Movable and re-sizeable elements


  • Poor signature input recognition (cannot add dots)
  • Cannot save a signature
  • Signatures have jagged edges – better antialiasing needed

Download HelloSign For Android

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