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Silence For Android Gets Holo UI, Calendar Events, Power Toggles & More

Silence the handy event-based sound profile automation app for Android – has received a pretty impressive update in the Play Store today. Besides sporting a shiny new Holo UI, the app now allows you to play around with several other volume and power toggles, so that you can use it to completely automate your Android device’s behavior as per your requirements. Already capable of automatically switching back and forth between user-selected sound levels during and after certain events, Silence can now toggle Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and mobile data as well. The app’s integration with Google Calendar now allows you to import events from your personal calendar, so that you can easily define your device’s volume and power settings during your events. That’s not all – there is also support for recurring events till a particular date, and you can now set a specific volume level for each sound toggle instead of silencing it completely. Details to follow.

Before getting into details of the new feature additions, let’s first look at the app’s limitations: the newly-announced Google Calendar support is currently available on Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich and higher devices only. Also, due to certain limitations set by Google, GPS and Airplane mode toggling is currently not supported on Android 4.2 and higher devices. However, it should work fine on older versions of the OS. Mobile data toggling feature is currently in beta, and supported on Android 2.3 Gingerbread and higher devices only. Though the developer has promises that all theses limitations are soon going to be taken care of.


Silence now allows you to add a new event by creating it from scratch or importing one from your Google Calendar. The new event screen is split into two tabs: General and Toggles. Should you opt to repeat an event, you’ll be able to see the brand new ‘Until’ option at the bottom that lets you specify a custom end date for recurring events.


All other newly introduced features can be found under the Toggle tab, which is further split into a couple of sub-tabs: Sound Toggles and System Toggles. In addition to the Ringer + Notification Toggle, you’re now presented with separate toggles for media and alarm. Likewise, the System Toggle tab lets you bring the Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and Mobile Data toggle into play.


For each of the supported sound toggles, you can now define a custom volume level for the start as well as the end of the event. As far as system toggles are concerned, you can simple activate/deactivate them upon event start, and revert back to your original settings, persist with the selected settings, or do the reverse once the event ends.

That’s all for this update, but the developer promises to beef up the app with whitelisted contacts feature, home screen widgets and several other goodies in future updates.

As ever, Silence is available in the Play Store as both an ad-supported free version and a $1.99 ad-free variant. Download links to both versions are provided below.

Download Silence For Android

Download Silence Unlocker For Android

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